Data Center in Kolkata:-

Minosha has its two data centres located in Kolkata. Equipped with a state of the art infrastructure, the tier III data center of Kolkata caters to all the requirements of Minosha's clients.

Minosha aims to deliver great performance to all its customers who have opted for data centre services. Our objective is to deliver the services without compromising the quality. This is why we emphasize on a very strict security policy and ensure an absolutely secure environment to store all the mission critical data of our clients.

In order to ensure the safety of all the data that is stored with us, we follow multiple factors. Multi-layered network, hardware and software firewalls, intrusion detection system, workload, dual factor authentication, intrusion prevention system, surveillance cameras, and biometric entry system are only to name a few of those factors.

The Kolkata data centre of Minosha is equipped with a robust management system that keeps a check on the environmental conditions. This ensures the requisite temperature, humidity and hygiene is perfectly maintained. We also provide all our clients with thorough day-and-night support. We not only offer a solution for protecting all the information on servers using multi-layer safety measures, but also follow the latest technologies in order to achieve low latency and deliver uninterrupted network and system uptime, based on the service requirements of the customers.

Minosha's Kolkata data centre is backed up with some extra ordinary solutions and facilities like a dynamic IT infrastructure. This helps eliminate all the worries related to the degradation of services and ensure 99.95% uptime. The data centre also comprises contingency plans so that it can easily deal with all the critical issues without any difficulties. We also follow a modular approach for the services that we provide. This ensures customers need to pay for only what they actually use.

Specifications of Our Site
Total Area 5,000 square feet
Floor to Floor Height 15'
Raised Floor to Ceiling Height 12 ft
Raised Floor Height 750 mm
Raised Floor Loading Capacity 1350 Kg/sq.m
Power Feed From BSES
Transformer Capacity 3*2000kVA
Diesel Generator 3*2000kVA
UPS N:N,12*5000KVA
Battery Back Up 15 Minutes at Full Load
Standard Power Per Rack 32A/16A
STS 3 and 6 kVA at Racklevel
Entry to Sever Hall Punch Cards
Entry to all Critical Areas Proximity Readers
CCTV Recording DVR
Video Storage Recording Duration 30 days
24*7 Guards Yes
Air Conditioning/Environment
Type Redundancy Precision AC with N+1 Redundancy
Temperature Nominal Set Point 20 Degree Celcius
Humidity Nominal Set Point 50%
Fire Protection
Fire Alarm System Addressable
Type of Suppression System Novec
Suppression Mode Automatic/Manual