PHP Application Development:-

Minosha specializes in PHP Web Application Development for Custom Software Development with expertise in the PHP, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, Zend, CodeIgniter frameworks. Our technical development team has depth and expertise in custom application development using PHP development environments. Most of the developers in the team have experience of over 5-6 years in the industry, having worked to develop top quality web applications earlier.

Our experienced PHP web developers have years of experience in developing new PHP web applications and integrating the same depending upon the varied requirements of different customers. The basic advantages of using PHP solutions are active and knowledgeable international community of PHP developers who are constantly further exploring this, multi-database support, compatibility with maximum web browsers and cost effectiveness as a result of free licensing.

Our technical team is capable and big enough to take on multiple projects and ensure we meet deadlines. Projects ranging from a few man hours to man years, we are open to them all.