Data Center

Minosha is one of the leading names when it comes to cloud services or data center infrastructure. Keeping the varying industry needs in mind, Minosha offers end to end data center infrastructure management services with close inspection of all the issues. Minosha’s DCIM services offer several remarkable benefits like improved productivity, better ROI and improved cost and time savings.

Quick look at the benefits –

  • accord compliance issuesBetter efficiency and improved availability –

    One of the key benefits of Minosha’s DCIM services is that we help you gather all the organizational information in an organized way.

  • accord capital expenditureImproved automation and reduced risk –

    At Minosha, we believe in the theory of automation and suggest our clients to follow the rule of automation wherever applicable.

  • accord fresh softwareBetter decisions –

    With Minosha’s managed data center infrastructure service, you get to know what exactly you have and how you can use it for the betterment of your business.

  • accord availability dataDetailed knowledge about the infrastructure –

    At Minosha, we give immense importance on knowledge. Knowing about the storage and networking components as well as which VM is placed on which physical server will help you control things better.

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Server Hosting

Minosha offers robust dedicated servers that help manage high traffic portal, website or social networks. Equipped with a state of the art infrastructure, Minosha offers hardware and servers that have extremely powerful and advanced configurations. In this way, we ensure that your website experiences rapid connectivity, best user experience and fast site load time. In case your website or the applications are run on shared or VPS hosting services that are outdated, this is the high time to opt for a dedicated server. By opting for Minosha’s dedicated server hosting service, you can rest assured of the security of all the mission critical data.

Quick look at the benefits –

  • accord availability dataDedicated service without any compromise –

    When you opt for Minosha’s dedicated server hosting, you receive 100% dedicated and protected resources.

  • accord optn systemUnrestricted control and access –

    With a dedicated server from Minosha, you are provided with complete admin access.

  • accord compliance hr managementDedicated support –

    This is one of the most important advantages of opting for a dedicated server from Minosha. We promise 99.95% uptime to all our customers and also ensure that all your issues get resolved in a timely fashion.

  • accord improve bandwidthComplete security with in-built redundancy –

    One of the most vital advantages of a dedicated server from Minosha is that it is run, owned and controlled by a group of expert data center professionals.

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Email Server

Email hosting is important for establishing a strong relationship with customers and it plays quite an important role when it comes to set up a business. Keeping this in mind, Minosha offers advanced email hosting solutions. We design the solutions in a way so that businesses of all sizes can opt for a plan, according to their requirements and thus, stay ahead of their competitors.

We at Minosha, understand that email is the basic and most necessary mode of communication for any organization and this is why, we offer robust, productive and world class business email solutions (VMware Zimbra and Cpanel) at unbeatable prices. With us, your email server will be hosted in tier 3 data center and a team of highly experienced professional technicians will make sure that your server is up and running 24x7x365 to guarantee growth and success of your business.

Quick look at the benefits –

  • accord availability data iconUnlimited storage space –

    One of the additional benefits of email hosting services of Minosha is that we offer customized storage space to all our customers.

  • accord security iconAbsolute security –

    One of the major benefits of opting for email hosting services from Minosha is that it offers complete security.

  • replication details iconAddress book sharing –

    This is a unique feature of Minosha’s email hosting solution, using which you can add and share the contact details with ease.

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Disaster Recovery

Minosha is a leading name when it comes to disaster recovery and we care for our clients’ valuable data more than anything. This is why we have developed a smart solution that helps secure all the files along with important data of your company. Our end to end disaster recovery solutions ensure that all your data is safe and can be recovered with a single click. We provide you with the capability to recover all your documents, which are lost due to some reasons including hardware failure, virus attack or other types of crashes. Each of the files that are submitted in our servers for disaster recovery solutions remain perfectly safe and secured.

Minosha's business disaster recovery solutions not only help you manage all your data, but also provide you with secure and flexible storage solution. The disaster recovery plans that we offer are differently designed to fit in the varying requirements of our clients.

Salient features of Minosha's disaster recovery plan:

key eficiency

Reduced CapEx

connection statics


accord flexibility cost

Pay-per-use DRaaS

accord rash hardware

DNS failover

accord fresh software

Array-based replication

accord security

Stringent and distinct SLA

accord availability data

Database replication

accord fresh software

DR on public, private and hybrid cloud

accord capital expenditure

Incredibly low RPO and RTO

disaster recovery

Automated recovery failover

accord compliance hr management

Automated and regular DR drills

query cache

Customized and out of the box solutions

accord compliance hr management

Monitoring of the DR infrastructure and replication

disaster recovery image

Minosha's Data Center Advantages

lowest latency

Lowest Latency

Minosha's data centers are located in Kolkata. This makes us the first choice for Indian data center customers as they are ensured with the lowest latency.

financial gain

Financial Gains

Hosting data center services with us will help reduce overall IT budget. One can host application directly in data center of Minosha and our team will take care of best uptime and services.

best support

Best Support

Our data centers provide managed services to the client. These services include managing the application, updating patches and OS installation. We provide 24X7 support to our clients.

easy disaster ricovery icon

Easy Disaster Recovery

We have data center in India, located at Kolkata. Based on the requirement of client, we can easily provide DR site.

better conectivity icon

Better Connectivity

In our data centers, we have integrated the entire tier1 ISP to provide best uptime. These ISPs are in BGP routing to avoid any downtime.

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