Endpoint Security:-

Corporate data breaches and security attacks are quite common a factor in the IT industry. No matter whether you run a small, medium or a large enterprise, data loss or security attack is a huge threat to each and every organization. A data attack means all the sensitive information that are crucial for your business are lost. Undoubtedly, these data are critical for the success of your business. Earlier, it was thought that only large enterprises with good reputation are vulnerable to these kind of attacks. However, in the present scenario, businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to cyber criminals. While large businesses follow strict security measures to safeguard all the sensitive information, small and medium businesses often face challenges in establishing a strong security posture.

Considering this, Minosha offers advanced endpoint security services to a wide number of clients.

Why opting for Minosha’s endpoint security solutions is important?

We ensure great IT expertise and administrative resources –

One of the most common problems that most businesses face is restricted access to IT expertise. We understand that these businesses often run on shoestring budget, and can’t afford expensive IT resources. This is why Minosha offers end to end endpoint security solutions. At the same time, we also ensure state of the art IT infrastructure and complete security to crucial business data.

We cater to different security requirements –

Even if small and medium businesses manage to set up a security measure, resources who work form a different location or an absolutely remote area, have completely different types of security needs. Most of the times, it becomes difficult for the organizations to meet these new requirements. This is when Minosha’s endpoint security services prove to be of great help.

We ensure proper enforcement of security policies –

Since most of the businesses are not able to hire resources who have vast experience in IT administration and detailed knowledge of data security, they don’t get to know the best possible security policies. At the same time, due to lack of proper administrative measurements, it becomes difficult for them to enforce those regulations and rules. This is where opting for Minosha’s endpoint security services helps a lot.

At Minosha, we understand that having a high-end network security is not enough at times. The more complex a network, the more vulnerable it is to attacks at various levels. This is why we offer advanced endpoint security services to all our clients. Although most organizations are improving their network security, they tend to ignore the weakness that most crackers pounce upon: access points. We know that expanded networks with multiple user stations, servers, peripherals and access points are more vulnerable to the attacks and this is why we offer endpoint security as a network security. This helps ensure no security lapses from top to bottom of your network infrastructure.

We understand that anti-virus software and firewalls can be effective only at the ground level and the requirement keeps on changing at the advanced level. Hence, Minosha provides a host of endpoint security systems with features ranging from disk encryption to data leakage prevention software. In this way, we ensure that your network develops to be full proof from all sorts of future attacks and theft.

What are the key aspects of Minosha’s endpoint security service?

Data Leakage Prevention –

Just as a network DLP works on a network, an endpoint DLP runs on end-user workstations and controls the flow of information between different individual users or groups. It also helps control the communication and instant messaging between two users within the network.

Full disk encryption –

A full disk encryption software provides automatic security for all information on endpoint hard drives, including user data, operating system files and temporary and erased files. For maximum possible data protection, we offer multi-factor pre-boot authentication that ensures user identity, while encryption prevents data theft.

Smarter protection against malware –

Minosha’s endpoint security solutions ensure complete desktop and mobile protection against everything. Right from the traditional threats to the latest targeted attacks, we offer protection against everything. We help each of our clients defend both physical and virtual endpoints with advanced anti-threat capabilities and ensure faster time-to-protection.

End to end protection with simple solutions –

Endpoint security solution is a part of Minosha’s security services. We provide each of our clients with interconnected and multi-layered security suites that help protect their data, irrespective of the device they use, or where they are working. We offer endpoint security solutions with multiple layers of collaboration, gateway and email security. We also ensure maximum possible flexibility to deploy the solutions on premise or in the cloud.

Broadest range of endpoint security –

Minosha’s endpoint security ensures complete threat protection and data security that is needed to protect the corporate information across every device and application. At Minosha, we do it with excellent accuracy and depth. Apart from that, we also offer multiple layers of advanced threat protection. This includes packer variant protection, anti-malware, device control, encryption, vulnerability shielding, data loss prevention, browser exploit protection, command and control blocking, behaviour monitoring, application whitelisting and web threat protection. We deliver these through a light client that has been built for speed.

Antivirus –

It is a software which is used to identify and remove the computer viruses, malware, rootkits, malicious adware, and spyware etc.