Network Security:-

With the ongoing advancements and easier access to resources, it has become absolutely easy to steal data or information that is crucial for a business. In the present age of digital marketing, data theft and loss of information has become a common scenario since unauthorized users can easily access documents or information that they are not supposed to. No matter whether you are associated with a small, medium or a large enterprise, you should be extremely protective about all those valuable information those are extremely important for the success of your business, and this is why it’s advisable to opt for a reliable network security service.

With greater advancements and easy accessibility of resources, data theft or data loss has become quite easy for unauthorized users. While installing anti-virus software and firewalls can ensure the required safety for personal use, it may not be the case with business organizations.

As a business owner, you must have spent many sleepless nights to gather those information or plan those strategies, on which the further business strategies entirely depend. Will you like to get those critical data lost? Of course not! If you are worried how to protect those data from the hackers or unauthorized users, you should consider opting for a network security service. Being a business owner, you must have a clear idea how much time and effort it takes to collect thousands of valuable business data, every day, and in order to secure those data perfectly, you should opt for a strong network security system that offers thorough surveillance round the clock.

For any and every business, overlooking the security issue is strictly not an option. This is why they need to adopt reliable and safe networks with maximum security so that they can avoid the unauthorized access to information. This is especially true for cloud networks, where the data access becomes easier as compared to a physical server/network. This is why it is mandatory to install the best network security system with 24/7 surveillance.

Keeping the importance of proper network security in mind, Minosha offers end to end security solutions. Equipped with the latest updates and backed up by the best security engineers, Minosha has top- notch network security system to safeguard your data. Once you store your data with us, you don’t have to worry for your assets and data ever again.

What are the benefits of Minosha’s network security services?

We help ensure an anti-spam environment –

With the help of a strong network security system from Minosha, you can ensure an anti-spam environment for your business. You will not only be able to identify the spam emails, but also prevent those from entering your in-box. At the same time, this will ensure that the legitimate emails are not misidentified as spams. In this way, you will be able to run the business in a secure way.

We offer complete web security –

In order to run your business successfully, it’s important to ensure a secure business environment which will provide complete security to the web users and web servers. We understand that opting for a reliable network security system will help you ensure the same. This is why, we ensure the fact that all the critical data of your business are completely secure.

We help prevent data leakage –

One of the key advantages of opting for Minosha’s network security service for your business is that you can prevent data leakage. If your business is not secured with a proper network security service, all those crucial data might get transmitted to third party or some unauthorized users. This will, eventually, jeopardize the security of your business. Minosha’s reliable server will help you prevent the leakage of all the sensitive information that are vital for your business.

What are some of the key aspects of Minosha’s network security services?


Network Intrusion Prevention System is a pro–active network security solution that can identify the potential attacks as well as diagnose them by taking various measures such as changing firewall settings, blocking particular Internet protocol (IP) addresses or dropping certain packets entirely.


Network Access Control is a set of rules and policies that define how an end-point device is supposed to establish a secure connection over a network. The NAC governs the network accessibility of every individual user, based on the role assigned to him and the health check status of his end-point device.

Anti-Spam –

This software is meant to identify the spam e-mails and prevent those from making their way into your inbox without misidentifying a legitimate e-mail as a spam.

Web security –

This refers to the procedures and practices that are followed to ensure the protection of web servers, web users and the organizations they are associated with.

Data Leakage Prevention –

Data being transmitted over a secured network can be lost and come under the possession of a third party. It can jeopardize the security of an organization. Network DLP helps monitor and prevent the leakage of sensitive and confidential information from a private network.

Vulnerability assessment –

This includes the process of identification, measuring and assigning the priorities to the various vulnerabilities of a system. This may also involve the assessment from a disaster perspective, which might include threats to population and infrastructure.

Email encryption –

This is a data encryption technique wherein the unwanted users are prevented from stealing important information. There are plenty of encryption techniques viz. public key and private key.


System Information and Event Management provides real time analysis of all the security threats to the network and helps in the maintenance of connection/threat logs for the same.

Email security –

Email security ensures protection against spam, phishing, viruses, and malware. It also prevents outbound data loss with automatic encryption.

Two factor authentication –

It is a two-step procedure to create the identity of the computer that tries to establish a connection to a network or another computer within the same network.

Unified Threat Management –

UTM is one of the most comprehensive network security solutions to have emerged recently in the market and has gained rapid popularity because of the multiple security functions. It lets you perform several tasks including network firewalling, network intrusion prevention and gateway antivirus (AV), gateway anti-spam, VPN, content filtering, load balancing, data leak prevention and on-appliance reporting.