All that you need to know about Zimbra email hosting


All that you need to know about Zimbra email hosting

Opting for email hosting solutions is nothing new these days as business owners, catering to different industries have been opting for this since the past few years. Well, there are significant reasons behind such a trend which is being followed by business owners, across the globe. The importance of business emails is quite obvious and it can be best managed with the help of a reliable and efficient email hosting solution provider. With a business email hosting solution, you can not only reach your target customers better, but it also helps build a great reputation of your brand. Zimbra email hosting solution is one of the most popular and reliable email hosting solutions due to the flexibility and simplicity that it offers.


E-mail Hosting Solutions

If you are looking for reliable Zimbra email hosting,  India is probably the best place to explore as there are many service providers who offer email hosting solutions, and specialize in Zimbra hosting. You might wonder that why Zimbra is so popular among most of the business owners. Well, the main reason for the same is the great amount of flexibility and simplicity that it offers in terms of performing the different tasks. Right form managing the contacts and the emails to calendaring and managing documents, you can perform every single task without any difficulty. Apart from these, it also offers desktop synchronization and mobility to users who are working on different machines.

Let’s take a look at some of the salient features of Zimbra email hosting –

  • AJAX web browser based client with integrated search, shared calendar and mail
  • Web based Email control panel
  • Support for mobile devices: Blackberry, Treo, etc.
  • Support for Outlook: calendar, mail, contacts and offline mode
  • Integrated anti-spam, anti-virus, and directory services (LDAP, active directory)
  • Powerful, fast search (including messages and attachments)
  • Global People Search
  • Email and SMS event reminders
  • Simple, robust management and administration

If you are not quite sure of the benefits of using Zimbra email hosting, here are some of the most significant ones to consider –

  • Robust data backup and business continuity:

    One of the most notable features of Zimbra email hosting solution is that it offers complete backup and thorough business continuity. The backend infrastructure is managed with great competence and this is what helps ensure complete backup. This also helps minimize the loss of critical data or the loss of importance mails, during service outages.

  • Versatile access options:

    – A Zimbra email account is absolutely easy to access and one can access it from different locations like different web browsers. This makes it absolutely convenient for the users to check their tasks, emails, address book and other important details from any platform.

  • Cost effective email hosting:

    – When you opt for Zimbra email hosting solution, you don’t need to invest in any software, server, co-location, licensing, internet or any other specialized experts. You can access all the great features just by paying an affordable monthly fee.

When it comes to the popularity of cloud email hosting services, India tops the list as there are many service providers who offer reliable email hosting solutions at affordable price range.

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