Application Hosting is in Trend

Application Hosting is in Trend

Application hosting is one of the hottest technology now a day’s, It fall’s under software as a service model and is beneficial especially for small medium businesses. With this, a company can actually have applications over the internet and they don’t have to buy the whole software, it works on rental basis, which ultimately lower the cost of ownership.

Not only from the cost perspective but application hosting is also beneficial from the technology side, With this model we can have faster deployments of application and also we can get the automatic updates. Application virtualization is everywhere now, if you  are using a Smartphone , then you most likely download app, same goes with computer, what you don’t realize that this application is hosted somewhere else and you are accessing that application simply via internet.

Benefits of application hosting:

  • Lower TCO: It works on SaaS model, That means you don’t have to buy the software and resources to operate the software like server’s and other hardware’s, which ultimately lower the total cost of ownership.
  • Low maintenance:  Since the application is hosted the software and hardware is vendors responsibility. Client only have to maintain internet access.
  • Lower risk:  The risk factor is very low because client don’t have to make any long term commitment and in application hosting model client can have demo of the whole application, so that he will have the surety and ho will buy only what he needs.
  • Easy access: As the application and data is stored on internet server , anyone with access rights can login to the application system and can access it from anywhere.
  • Support: Total support will be provide from the vendors side ,plus the customer will get all the new updates  for their application.

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