Application Hosting: Keeps Your Business Growth Consistent

Application Hosting: Keeps Your Business Growth Consistent

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Are you among modern enterprises who think that they could have generated more revenue, if most of their resources are not wasted on non-core activities? Why don’t you go for application hosting services? It is the time to think smartly. Why are you restricted to do less with what you have, when you are having exact resources required? Hosting your business applications will free up your team so that they can direct all their focus onto the core business activities. If this all is a new experience for you, you might feel baffled with the gamut of choices. But, you can reverse the scenario once you will be aware of basics.

When it comes on making a choice, keep a bank of following questions ready to ask your service provider. This way, you will be assured of making a right decision for the potential growth of your business. Some of the questions that you should feel free to ask are:

  1. Can I make a choice for any programming language and application platform?
  2. Will it be possible to implement new application over the same operating system and environment over which my previous applications are running?
  3. What commitments are mentioned on the contract? Whether you have to pay in advance?
  4. How quickly will you be able to respond the ups and downs in your customer’s demand? How the application computing loads will be handled?
  5. Is your service provider experienced in maintaining a redundant, global, and resilient infrastructure?
  6. What security issues have been addressed by your provider?

Application hosting has been introduced for adding value to every business by going beyond the monitoring and patching procedures.

How to find a good service provider?

You can count on a service provider, if he:

Focus on what really matters: It has been estimated that 80% share of our IT resources is spent on just maintenance, not on adding more value to business. To IT professionals who give their time for performing upgrades, patching software and backing up data, this number might sound low. Hence, collaborate with a provider who can manage all the mission-critical applications of your business so that your IT team can put more time for the strategizing effective ways to achieve success.

Ensures reliable application performance: You will have to deploy a fast and reliable hybrid cloud for your applications that comprises of private cloud, high-performance public cloud, custom dedicated hardware and virtual servers for providing your customers with a constant access to the tools they need every day.

Offers quality support: It is quite imperative to look upon the experience, commitment to transparency, responsiveness, and reliability factor. You must consider whether you will be getting 24×7 fanatical support for your business-critical applications.

If you are getting all the above mentioned things, it means the provider whose services you are hiring is truly fanatical having a customer-centric approach. And, you are going in a right direction.

This article has covered up all the questions that you might have at the time of hiring application hosting services, but it looks like we are missing on a very critical thing here i.e. analysis of your business requirements. Make sure you have analyzed every individual aspect to avoid issues in latter.

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