Brief Overview of Dedicated Server Hosting

Brief Overview of Dedicated Server Hosting

Web hosting business is growing and expected to grow continuously in future. Organizations are getting aware of web hosting and their benefits. Basically there are three types of web hosting dedicated server hosting, shared hosting and Virtual server hosting.

Dedicated-ServerDedicated hosting is something where client rents a Server which is not share with anyone else and housed in the Web hosting company premises. ‘Dedicated‘means the server will be dedicated for only one client and not shared with any other client. With Dedicated servers the entire resource of the server is reserved for your purpose only. Unlike shared hosting where the resources are shared among different hosting clients. Dedicated server provides you the entire server all for yourself. With Dedicated server your websites will be up and running all the times.

Dedicated servers are ideal for businesses that have outgrown VPS and wanted to migrate to something more robust. Dedicated server provide you the capability to manage your whole server by yourself, you can chose your operating system and the compatible software.

Benefits of Dedicated servers:

1: Since you are not sharing any resources then there will be gradual increase in performance.

2: Your website will be up and running all the time.

3: Since no one will have access to your server you will have higher degree of security.

4: You can have you own firewall and have your own firewall policy.

5: You can have any configuration you want you can install any software you want.

6: With Dedicated servers you will have the root access to your server.

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