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Brief Overview of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

DCIM refers to the class of solutions that were made to develop the conventional data center management capacity to incorporate the majority of the physical assets and resources that are found in the facilities and IT domains. DCIM deployments will incorporate IT and office management within a certain time frame to centralize monitoring, controlling and […]


Integrated Infrastructure Solutions: A Boon to Indian Enterprises

Revolution in technology has sprawl the opportunities across the nation and It is like IT movement and every enterprise whether it is government, public sector or private are leveraging IT infrastructure. Robustness in governance can be assured by utilization and implementation of IT Infrastructure, for example if government want to broadcast any educational video’s in […]


How Cloud Services are Attained with Data Center Infrastructure?

Increased cloud computing adoption is continuously determined by a variety of factors. Many of these drivers are specifically correlated with the need to balance contracting IT budgets with the increasing demand for business-critical IT services. From a business point of view, the ability to scale infrastructure assets to backing rapid development without trading off business […]


Difference between Storage and Backup

In a computer, storage is the place where data is held in an electromagnetic form for access by a computer processor. In a proper usage, storage has been divided into: (1) Primary storage or Main storage: – In this storage data is stored for quick access by the computer’s processor. Today’s in personnel computers RAM […]


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