Cloud Services: Connecting You With Innovation

Cloud Services: Connecting You With Innovation

Cloud Hosting is one of the hype words in today’s high-tech industry. Almost every IT company has some sort of cloud services or product. Even every IT personnel has something different to say about cloud hosting services. For a normal private end-user, cloud services is related with the use of web-based service, for example online services for word-processing, e-mailing, spreadsheets, data-storage, other than the reality that the end-user does not need to install any of the dedicated applications over their system anymore. The only requirement is the existence of an active internet connection. Many of the services are available without any charges while some have monthly charges that too with pay-as-you-go structure.

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Looking from an end-user’s perspective, the general idea of cloud computing is:

  1. To access internet from anywhere for executing processes, applications and data services as required.
  2. To only pay for what is needed.

However, private cloud usage is the sole aspect of the entire cloud thing. Companies have acknowledged that cloud hosting might be a good avenue for eliminating the internal IT costs by investing less on hardware, software licenses, training, storage and the required maintenance of the defined areas. Using a cloud-based IT approach instead of setting-up internal datacenters might be of great benefit for small and medium sized enterprises. You can make use of an outsourcing model for the expansion of IT services in a step-by-step process on the basis of growth of individual business.

Presently, there are four possible layers of cloud services namely:

  1.  Software as a Service (SaaS) — offers an application over the network or Internet as per requirement such as ERP.
  2. Platform as a Service (PaaS) – providers offer a complete platform of development consisting necessary built-in services, such as GlassFish application server, MySQL databsase, LDAP, Oracle Solaris Studio and NetBeans software, on demand over the network.
  3. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – a service that supplies software and hardware infrastructure components including storage, compute, systems, Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, Sun Identity Manager and Sun Management Center from Oracle, and more.
  4. Desktop as a Service (DaaS) – transform the desktop environment into the cloud and offers secure remote access to the server-based applications. It further allows for reducing administration costs and set-up higher security standards as IT staff can allocate applications from a centralized location to end users who are assigned with appropriate access rights on individual or group basis.

You can choose any of the above mentioned services or all of them as per your business requirements.

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