Crucial Factors to Be Considered In Mobile Application Development

Crucial Factors to Be Considered In Mobile Application Development


Smartphones have become a huge success story of the last two decades and the devices are getting more powerful each year. Many of the businesses have achieved significant benefits with the utilization of mobile technology including the one developed for the industrial as well as commercial markets. The market for the iPad, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry mobile applications is heating up, more and more companies tend to divert their focus and investments towards the “Idea of next big mobile app”. The five most significant points involved in the mobile application development are:

  • Business Perspective: If you have a concept for the development of good mobile application, you should make a search first whether any other application on the similar idea already exist. Find out how you can improve your idea to make it distinct from others. You need to understand whether there is need for the application that you are planning to develop. Apart from validating you idea, determine if developing that application will be beneficial for your business strategies and if you will be able to recover the amount of investment made for developing that application.
  • Target Audience: Whether you are going to develop an application for the internal business use, for other businesses, or for the individual consumer, it is very essential for you to have good understanding of your target audience. This will help you with the decisions of configurations regarding your application. If your target is global audience, you should consider making your application with multi-lingual support.
  • Technology Selection: With client-based mobile applications, it is not possible to develop a single application that can work well with all the mobile platforms. Each platform is unique and run only applications that are designed on specific technologies. Like if you will develop an iPhone application, it will not be compatible with other platforms such as Blackberry, Android or Windows. This is why it is very important to select an appropriate mobile platform for your application in the very beginning itself.
  • Timings: In today’s cut-throat competition, all the businesses are trying to get a place into booming market of the mobile applications. Hence, it is quite crucial that you step ahead with your project of mobile development in a timely manner. Otherwise, there are chances that some other person may beat you by launching an application with same concept and could quickly fetch your potential client base.
  • Pricing: Just like other market products, you need to ensure that your mobile application is rightly priced. Make a research on the price of other apps of similar functionality; estimate the value of your application including the costs of ownership for developing, launching and maintaining that application. You can also consider offering your app in discounted prices or even free for a shorter span of time so that more buyers can be attracted.
  • Marketing: What’s the point of launching an application and then letting it get buried under the bulky range of other applications? It will definitely hurt the revenue potential. Hence, it is equally important to promote your application and improve its visibility for the target audience.

Pay a lot of attention to all the above mentioned factors prior moving ahead for developing a mobile application.

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