Dawn of Managed Hosting Services

Dawn of Managed Hosting Services


Cloud computing is changing the way the business works, now small businesses are equipped with greater computing power and can get a flexibility to scale up the resources, up-to-date  IT infrastructure with minimal or no direct management, allowing then to focus on their core business.

Now with this young invention, a new segment is introduced where a customer values service and support, totally wants to focus on his/her core business and don’t want to invest in manpower for handling their IT infrastructure, the solution to this customer is managed services.

Managed services can be defined as a form of Dedicated hosting in which servers and devices are owned by data center service providers and is leased by a single client only. Unlike standard dedicated server, the data center solution provider manages the hardware, operating system and the standard application.

A fully managed hosting usually includes:

  • Server monitoring: This is the process in which server is being scanned in search of any irregularities and potential failure and the found irregularities is rectified accordingly.
  • Security: It includes software firewall protection, antivirus protection, patches updates, Trojan, Anti-Spyware and Other Protection.
  • Server Configuration and Maintenance: It includes initial installation and configuration of the hosting solution to meet the customer’s requirements effectively and subsequently.
  • Support: This is the most attractive benefit of managed hosting is that if you ever face any problem there will a qualified team to help you telephonically.

Effective Use of Resources: For managing IT infrastructure companies hire skilled IT professional which can be costly. With this in mind it make more sense to put this resources to the best possible use and let the Data center solution providers to take full responsibility of your IT infrastructure.

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