Detailed Overview of Zimbra

Detailed Overview of Zimbra


What is Zimbra?

Zimbra is a collaboration of messaging software. It is based on open source software mailing solutions. Zimbra is leader in mailing/messaging solutions in the world. Zimbra connect people with unified collaboration software that includes email, calendaring, file sharing, chat, social community and many more features. With technology designed for social, mobile, cloud, it gives individuals flexibility to work virtually from anywhere using tablets, mobile, laptop etc devices.

Features of Zimbra Collaboration Server:

Below are the most features available of Zimbra mail collaboration server.

  • zimbra_emailEmail:

Easily manage large mailbox, tag mails, search mail with advance features, filters mail with custom folders, create custom folders, innovative user interface.

  • contactsContact Management:

Easily manage contacts, add remove contact in address book. It can share personal and global.

  • group_calendersGroup Calendars:

Maximize productivity at basic and enterprise level to schedule your task in calendars. It also provide group scheduling wizard to quickly find the optimum time.

  • simplified_administrationSimplified Administration:

It provides AJAX web based administration console enables anywhere administration.

  • essential_mobilityEssential Mobility

Zimbra mail collaboration is available on mobile, it provides IMAP, POP to configure and access your mail service from your Smart mobile phone. It also available in IMAP web based.

  • zimbra_desktop_clientsZimbra Desktop and Desktop Clients

POP/IMAP features available to configure on Microsoft outlook, Thunderbird or Zimbra Desktop. One of most feature in Zimbra, it provides MAPI account for Microsoft Outlook to sync your mail from webmail with your inbox, sent item, custom folders, calendars, contact etc.

Zimbra Products & Licensing

Server Products:
ZCS Network Edition is provides lots of features such as MAPI, Quota Configuration, Support from Zimbra team, Chat, Social community, Archiving, and more with customized. It comes in paid license. This is only available on Red Hat and Centos based OS.

ZCS Open Source Edition open license means freeware license. This is better for small organizations, for self manage single domain. Some feature not available in Zimbra open source edition such as MAPI, Support, chat, Archiving etc. This is also only available on Red Hat and Centos based OS.

Desktop Client:
Zimbra Desktop is open source based software, it provides Zimbra mail client to access your email in online as well as offline like as Microsoft Outlook, It is available for Windows OS, MAC OS and Linux based. It runs on 80 and 443 ports.

Other Client Products:
1.    Zimbra connector for Blackberry Enterprise server.
2.    Zimbra MAPI connector for Microsoft Outlook.



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