e-Commerce Hosting: Help Making Louder Online Presence

e-Commerce Hosting: Help Making Louder Online Presence

e-commerce hosting solutionWhen you decide to open your own online business, the scenario may appear quite exciting. It, no doubt, has certain advantages like you are allowed to open a storefront that functions almost similar to brick and mortar store without actually buying it. An online store can conceivably attract much more traffic than that of a physical storefront. Your online business can grab the attention of huge visitors as well as buyers with every passing day, in-fact every passing hour.

An e-Commerce hosting platform works equivalently for your online marketing store like the bricks and mortar do for the traditional physical storefront. Hence, you can say that e-Commerce host will serve as the determining factor for your store. In simple words, your e-Commerce hosting provider is the external factor of determining and marketing plan is the factor that will reflect success or failure in your business.

Above all, let’s first discuss e-Commerce Hosting in general

e-Commerce hosting is often referred as a web hosting service offered by a third party that provides you with the online tools required for selling your products and services online.  With such hosting services, you can easily create excellent customer experience for your website, that too, without having to build any state-of-the-art infrastructure. Moreover, having a quality platform will definitely help keep your online store running swiftly with peak performance. Such hosting services include:

  1. A web server where your company’s web pages can be stored or hosted.
  2. Shopping cart tools to offer your site with ability to store as well as accept the visitor’s shopping choices while they explore through the store.
  3. A merchant account along with a secure payment gateway that will act as a virtual cashier when customers find the best fitting product and is ready to make a final payment.
  4. A SSL certificate for ensuring that none of the financial transactions got tampered within any cyberspace.
  5. A quality package of web analytics so that you can maintain a follow up about the customers actually making a purchase from your site, from where do they belong and how much time they are investing in search of a particular product.

Again, e-Commerce is primarily running an online business, to be more precise, buying and selling of goods and services over the internet denotes e-Commerce.

No doubt, e-Commerce hosting is a prominent part of any e-Commerce strategy. In most of the cases, companies outsource such services and leave the choice of e-Commerce hosting on the web development company for selection. This is completely acceptable for longer span as the costs of hosting are not over fluctuated and reflect balance in the market price. Very often, web companies adopt this approach as they have a thorough knowledge of entire server architecture, have managed relationships with the host provider and can make changes over a client’s site with so much ease and at a lesser price. If the client asks for an e-Commerce solution, the estimated upfront cost saving will be absorbed by the time that web developer puts in to integrate changes over an unfamiliar architecture.

Below mentioned are some key guidelines that you should consider prior making your selection for e-Commerce web hosting:

  • Security: While making purchase of goods and services online, one of the main concerns that every customer feels stressed about is security as they are supposed to provide their confidential card details. After experiencing several cases of frauds online, many people often feel apprehensive for participating in online purchases. If you are among those who are doing business online, it is quite imperative that your site posses avant-garde architecture with appropriate protection of firewall. This keeps your site secure from the external malicious attacks on databases that comprises the most valuable credit card credentials. It is no harm considering a subscription to the “hacker safe” service – an independent testing service that validates your site’s integrity on a regular basis. Present market research signifies that organizations that earn the “hacker safe” logo notice a remarkable increase in sales.
  • Redundancy: A redundancy set-up is very crucial for maintaining an optimum exposure in the online world. If your site experiences high variances in traffic and your web server is affected with downtime, you will tend to lose money due to the loss of transactions resulted from downtime. With a web redundancy set-up, you can potentially avoid such problem because when one of the web server goes down, the traffic gets automatically redirected to the mirror server. This is quite significant consideration for businesses with high volume transactions. Not all the organizations provide such set-up and the additional costs required for finding a quality e-Commerce hosting solution that could provide such great functionality might be an expensive deal.
  • Cost: The cost of hosting depends on three factors namely :
    1. Platform
    2. Functionality
    3. Whether it is shared or dedicated hosting

Shared hosting can be referred as a sub domain that is allocated for your site on the server. Other companies can also use the same set-up. And, when multiple sites use the same server then you will surely get to see a huge difference in overall operating costs. This cost saving feature is carried forward to the client in the form of cheaper hosting solution. In some occurrences where the site possesses basic functionality requirements and traffic in low volume, shared hosting is completely fine.

On the other hand, sites those are likely to face huge velocity of traffic and require high bandwidth for hassle-free video streaming may be handled with dedicated server. Dedicated hosting for e-Commerce is where the structure of server is prepared and installed for handling only your site. It is often said high-end hosting solution for the companies that possess exceptional hosting needs.

Make a note that a practical hosting solution for e-Commerce should weigh the significance of all the above mentioned factors and you should select the provider who best fits your requirements as well as budget.

Instill life to your site with reliable e-Commerce hosting solution.

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