Elaborating ClearOS Enterprise Edition release 5.2

Elaborating ClearOS Enterprise Edition release 5.2

Clear OS enterprise operation system was known as Clark connects earlier. It is a gateway server solution for small business and distributed environment. It’s based in cent OS Linux distribution, which was based on red hat enterprise Linux. Clear OS integrated with list of services and features, which are easy to administer and configure via web based interface. ClearOS Enterprise provides useful modules like VPN, antispam, antivirus, content filtering, SSL certification, web log analyzer or bandwidth management.

Technical Information

  1. Raised support for remote backup
  2. Added script for auto mail quarantine
  3. Resolved password change from windows desktops
  4. Updated browse options
  5. Fixed issues related to export
  6. Extended support for Clark connect 4.x upgrades


  1. Unable content filter update on  the fly
  2. Ability to install software modules developer by vendors and the Clear Foundation community
  3. Cent OS 5.5 operating system used as base platform
  4. For improved security, password policy engine module was added.
  5. VOIP system Support
  6. Advanced IP table rule & costume firewall module was added.

Enhanced features from previous versions

  1. Password Policy Engine
  2. Detailed Disk Usage policy
  3. Network traffic Analyzer tool
  4. Costume firewall tool
  5. H323 video conference support
  6. Improved support for Google App and zarafa
  7. Core system upgraded to CentOS 5.5
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