Hosting Tally on Minosha Cloud

Hosting Tally on Minosha Cloud

hosted tally solutionsTally is the accounting software and one of the major technology leaders in ERP software solution. Many large enterprises are already using tally. You will find it installed on various retail stores, distribution center. Corporate customers do see a value in ERP offering. By analyzing the market needs today the tally is integrated with the cloud on release of tally ERP 9.Technically speaking the software may be on-premise or on cloud, the data may be on premise or cloud. Whereas the cloud has some benefits over the on-premise.

  • Amazingly economical.
  • Anytime anywhere.
  • Seamlessly scalable.
  • No local server no maintenance.
  • Save maintenance and admin cost.
  • Save license and save power.
  • Ease in plaining, budgeting and analyzing.

The tally solutions suffers significantly from piracy as on each single official copy of software as tally sells, approximately eight pirated copies get installed.

In cloud the application are available as services that can be consumed only from the remote server as different from the traditional method of installing applications . It will help protect intellectual property and make it difficult to pirate says Vikas arora, Group director in cloud services, Microsoft India.

In the field of business, there are three major trends that are creating an idea of ‘tailwind’ today-Social network, cloud computing and mobility. The cloud has the potential to make technology faster, reliable and cheaper for the business purposes.

It is time to take a step forward by adopting tally on cloud. Unlike others Minosha provides the services and tally hosting solution to take care of your confidential accounting data.

Why Host Tally With The Minosha Data Center?

  • Entire data security.
  • Solutions compatible with multiple OS etc.
  • Excellent server performance and maximum uptime.
  • Very minimal or no maintenance costs.
  • Support from high level professionals.


Moreover, our team of dedicated and dexterous professionals ensures delivery of uninterrupted services with exceptional features.

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