How ClearOS 6.2 is differ from ClearOS 5.2?

How ClearOS 6.2 is differ from ClearOS 5.2?

What’s new in ClearOS 6.2?

While updating the base system built on source code from red hat linux 6.2 as clear foundation is not affiliated with Red hat

New release includes the major changes.

  1. Enhanced 64 bit support
  2. Base system built from red hat 6.2
  3. Graphic installer
  4. Windows  BDC support
  5. App developer framework

Clear system 5.2 differences

  1. Mail Stack
  2. Horde/Kolab
  3. Reports
  4. Advanced firewall
  5. Bandwidth Advanced rules
  6. Administrators
  7. IP Sec
  • Mail Stack: – AntiSpam, SMTP Server etc. are added /Enhanced in the new version of realOS
  • Horde/Kolab: – Horde/Kolab has been deprecated and is no longer supported.
  • Reports: – In latest version reporting engine has been completely over haulted. Administrator doesn’t have to go through five different reports to monitor that a particular user is doing on the network
  • Advance firewall: – Firewall app was marked a deprecated in version 5.2.Custom firewall can be used as alternative.
  • Bandwidth Advanced support: – In order to improve multi WAN support advanced mode of firewall is removed.
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