How Microsoft Hyper-V Replica works?

How Microsoft Hyper-V Replica works?

hyper-v-replicaHyper-v replica is a replication tool in Hyper-v which creates and maintain copies of VM, when any catastrophic loss occurred administrator can failover the replication and provide continuity. In Microsoft Hyper-v replica the process of replication do accomplished by creating application- consistent backups which is known as VSS which creates snapshot of virtual machine. It provides asynchronous replication of VM between secondary and primary sites.

Any virtual machine can be virtualized in these hyper-v can be replicated. These process over ordinary IP and each packet can be encrypted during transmission and it could works with standalone & failover clusters or in hybrid manner.

There are two sites basically primary site which is located where the virtualized atmosphere normally operates and the replication site which receive the replicated data and primary site host many VMs because it is physical server and replica site hosts virtual machines.

When initial copy of data replicated from primary site to replica site these phenomena known as “initial replication”. We can also do replication by copying data to physical sever and transfers to the replica site or VMs.

When any replication is occurs. Any changes in VMs which is hosted at physical server transmits data over network periodically to replica site. Generally data from primary site to replica every 5 -6 min and if we install windows server then we can set frequency replication from 30 sec to 5 min or more.

When you move operation from primary site to replica site, this failover known as “planned failover “in which   un replicated data copied first at replica site  virtual machines and if primary site fail accidently due to natural disaster or any hardware failure then this phenomena known as unplanned failover.  There are several practical applications like we can make two site one at head office and one at branch office and any cloud service provide could make business on this to provide such services

There is such no any complex hardware requirement simply it should be general configuration of hardware and at software front it should be windows server 2012 R1 and R2.   This is how data get replicated on hyperV- replica.

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