How to Choose Your Best SAP Hosting Provider?

How to Choose Your Best SAP Hosting Provider?

There are few applications in the IT world today, that may supersede SAP in terms of it’s mission critical nature and the dependencies which the organization has around it. SAP is, undoubtedly, the big daddy in the world of IT applications. But, in this modern age of digital information, SAP has been modified in a lot of ways and so has the ways in which you may use it.

People today want access to important data and tools on the go. They don’t want themselves to be confined to the four walls of their office, just to get their hands on their lifeline: SAP. Hence, today SAP has floated a number of mobility solutions to keep it’s wide array of customers ‘happy on the fly’. The same tools and applications which the analysts use day in and day out can now be accessed from anywhere and everywhere, through their smart phones.

However, it also becomes extremely important for organizations to make sure that they host this mobile application in a suitable and proper environment, so that there is no or negligible downtime for the application, otherwise the whole concept of ‘mobility’ is lost somewhere. Here are some of the features which you must look for whilst selecting your Hosting Provider for SAP mobile applications:

  • High Security and Privacy
  • Total Access Control
  • Cost Efficiency and Resource Optimization
  • Cloud Bursting
  • Improved Reliability.

How To Select ERP Hosting Provider

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning Solution is what keeps an organization going these days. From managing and analyzing it’s financial summaries to ensuring optimal usage of it’s resources, ERP is the go to thing for one and all. However, it’s pretty evident that such a vast and enterprise level application will require a lot of expertise and resources to manage it effectively. There are a lot of organizations which choose to stay afloat from these hassles and choose to outsource the hosting of their ERP to some other organization. This may be a wise decision, indeed. However, one needs to make sure that they take a note of the following points whilst choosing their ERP hosting service provider:

  • High Security and Privacy: An ERP is flooded with business critical information and thus you should make sure the server environment provided by the hosting provider should offer you the best possible security measures and standards.
  • Total Access Control: You should have total and limitless access to your data, on the fly.
  •  Cost Efficiency and Resource Optimization: Your ERP manages your cost efficiency and ensures maximum resource optimization. However, if you spend a small fortune in order to host the ERP, then it beats the point!
  • Improved Reliability: Should your server goes down for some untoward reason, it shouldn’t affect the work of your end users. Your server should be able to draw from a pool of high availability resources, to ensure improved reliability.

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