How to Secure Cloud Server Deployment?

How to Secure Cloud Server Deployment?

With the world gradually moving towards a cloud server deployment, more and more questions would be asked about the security that it offers. How secure is the cloud? The economical and other associated benefits that comes with cloud computing has been already proven and is there to be seen for everyone. But there needs an underlying worry about the possibility of a security breach, a potential compromise of the confidential data of an organization.

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Role-based cloud security is an emerging capability and one that is sure to see integration at the highest levels of just about all organizations with large cloud implementations. Individual people are assigned levels of security based on their ability to access key information and the possible impact or the need they have on this information.

Role-based security is indeed one of the many answers to the threats that can affect your cloud infrastructure. Individual users within the organization are assigned varied levels of access roles based on their requirement and functions within the organization. Individuals are not assigned any roles directly but only as a direct outcome of their role to the required data. The different cloud roles do not keep interchanging and remain a constant, however these can be assigned and reassigned to different employees based upon the immediate need rendering much needed flexibility.

The cloud security protocols are developed using multiple languages like Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) whereas further security levels can be applied through LDAP integration and other technologies.

These languages, the afore mentioned ones, are used to develop security applications by the clouds security service providers along with the cloud service providers to ensure that we are always well prepared to deal with security breach of the cloud infrastructure.

The all-important encryption/decryption keys are placed in an independent, isolated and inaccessible server so as to ensure that no third party can intrude and hack the server and the sensitive data that it has stored in it.

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