How to Select A SAP Managed Hosting Provider

How to Select A SAP Managed Hosting Provider

Whenever you want to go for a hosting service provider, it is beneficial to ensure that they provide Managed Hosting Services. While hosting mission critical applications and ERP solutions, managed hosting gives the edge over time and money. Investing in hardware and manpower incurs a lot of expenses and takes a considerable amount of time. Hence, while selecting a service provider for Managed SAP Hosting, you should ensure that the service provider has enough skilled resource to manage the SAP ERP.

SAP hosting in IndiaChecking for a valid certification for a Data Center is a must since SAP needs a robust infrastructure to run.  Moreover, a strong backup facility is also required since most of the organizations functioning are dependent on these ERP’s. One way where corporate can ensure that the service provider is capable of hosting a SAP ERP is by taking a PoC and getting a firsthand experience about it.

Always ensure that the support team who is managing your SAP server is available 24x7x365. An uptime of 99.9% and continuous monitoring is necessary to achieve the goals with help of Managed SAP Hosting. A properly certified Data Center, will always use original robust hardware in its Data Center. This is important because running mission critical applications like ERP, takes a lot of effort. It cannot be supported by low end servers and machines. Redundant cooling and connectivity through multiple ISP’s are must. Don’t go by the service provider’s brochure which will say a lot of lofty things. Go by the reports of designated organizations that are known for conducting surveys and providing certified reports. This also ensures protection from fraudulent organizations as well, since there is a chance of providing pirated software if the organization has not got proper licensing authorizations in place. Hence next time you think how to select an SAP managed hosting provider, you will know what to do.

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