How To Select The Right Data Centre Services Provider

How To Select The Right Data Centre Services Provider

Selecting a collocation service provider or a data centre services is quite a big move for your business as the future of the organization might get affected due to this decision. In the present scenario, hosting your mobile application or website on a third party server is quite common a scenario, but then what you should be careful about is choosing the right service provider. After all, you are going to place all the mission critical data of your business with someone else and hence, you should be utterly careful before choosing a service provider. In fact, before you make the final selection, there are certain criterion that you should definitely consider.


Data Centre Services Provider

  • Geographical location – This is one of the most important factors that you need to consider while selecting a data centre service. While choosing a data centre service provider, be sure to check the location of the facility and check the surrounding area. This is important so that you can ensure that the hazards are kept to minimum. You should also analyse the different risks that can be associated with the site. Check if it is located near a potential fire hazard spot, an airport or a floodplain. Apart from this, you should also check the ease of access. This means you should be able to reach the site either using public transport or personal vehicle.

  • Flexibility – While signing the deal with a particular service provider, try to understand whether or not the facility is flexible enough. Check if they will allow you to add rack space to the existing commitment or if they will provide you with PostgreSQL hosting service if you need it. Moreover, you should also check that whether or not you can be flexible with the power, cooling, bandwidth and network connectivity. If you think that your business will need the flexibility to expand in certain areas, make sure the data centre will accommodate the same requirements.

  • ISO accreditations – Although this factor is often neglected, you should pay attention to the ISO accreditations that the facility has. This is important as these certificates ensure the credibility and the competence of the service provider. ISO 9001 needs an external audit to ensure the existence of an effective quality management system, while ISO 27001 refers to the security management of the infrastructure and this ensures that maximum possible security control will be available to protect the mission critical data.

These are some of the most important factors following which you will be able to choose the right data centre services provider.

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