Hybrid Cloud Gives You the Best of both Public and Private Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Gives You the Best of both Public and Private Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Server in India

In order to understand hybrid cloud and the true power it wields, we must first understand the benefits of both private and public cloud separately. Only then can the true meaning of hybrid cloud be realized.

Private Cloud: There are a lot of CIOs, especially of large MNCs, who are paranoid about data security. They are not comfortable with the data moving out of their organization. They don’t mind spending an extra buck to ensure that their precious business critical data stays inside the four walls of their office premises. So, what do they do? They spend a huge cost upfront and set up their own cloud with all the requisite infrastructure comprising of storage, servers etc. In such a scenario, your data integrity is ensured to an extent but the price you pay for that is nothing short of a small fortune.

Public Cloud: Start ups or MNCs have a stringent working capital to pull off their work. They might be working on high end applications but in most cases they might not have the money to buy the high end infrastructure needed to house this application. In this case, what do they do? They hire the services of a cloud services provider who provides them with the requisite infra in an Opex model. Hence, they don’t have to burn a hole in their pockets upfront, though they are entirely dependent on a 3rd party for their data.

Hybrid Cloud: Hybrid Cloud, as the name suggests, is a mixture of Public and Private Cloud and offers the best of both worlds. If you are paranoid about certain sets of data leaving your organization, you can set up a small private cloud to house those applications. For the rest of the applications or data sets, which are not integral to you, you can house it on a public cloud and run on an opex model. Thus, in this way you have a unique chance of effectively managing both your economic and data resources.

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