Investing in a dedicated server? Here is a brief checklist to follow!

Investing in a dedicated server? Here is a brief checklist to follow!

The benefits of using a dedicated server for a business which involves running a lot of websites and applications are plenty. With this kind of a server, you don’t need to share the power and bandwidth of the server with other websites or applications. A dedicated server helps ensure fast performance of all the applications and website. It should be the aim of any and every business to provide the target audience with the solutions they are looking for in a given period of time and that’s where a dedicated server helps you most. This is why it’s advisable to invest in a dedicated server to achieve your desired business goals and satisfy your customers.


Although the benefits of investing in a dedicated server are quite obvious, you need to select the right hosting service provider in order to reap the maximum possible benefits. Hence, you need to be very careful while purchasing a managed dedicated server. If you are entirely confused about how to get the best deal, here are some tips to help you in the process –

    • Look for fully managed hosting – When you invest in a dedicated server, make sure there is an accountable professional who will manage and take care of the server. When you opt for fully managed hosting service, you are provided with end to end solution. This ensures the hosting company manages the server on behalf of you. Make sure the hosting provider with whom you are going to sign the deal offers storage management, server monitoring, database management and complete backups. Apart from these, they should also offer server security including spam filtering, running security audits, software firewall configuration and virus scanning.


      • Check the data centre facilities – While signing the deal with a hosting service provider who offers dedicated server, you should know exactly where the server is going to be located. Apart from this, you should also check the power redundancy, redundant bandwidth, on-site security and the cooling systems of the data centre. Be sure to check the tier level of the data centre. Remember to check the tier count of data centres as the higher the count, the better it is for your business.


        • Check the capability of remote rebooting – Just as the name suggests remote rebooting is the process of restarting a server from a remote location. This is considered to be an important factor to check while investing in a dedicated server. This allows you to restart the server from wherever you want to, without the technical assistance of the hosting company. It also offers you complete control over the server in case you wish to do the server maintenance or the software updates from your end.


These are the top three factors that you should check well in advance. Make sure you sign the deal with the service provider only after you are satisfied with the services to be offered.

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