Is Your DR-Solution Well-Evaluated?

Is Your DR-Solution Well-Evaluated?

It is an undeniable fact that every business needs a system that can help protecting their operations from data loss and downtime. This is the reason; there has been a tremendous increase in demand for the backup and recovery solutions. Such solutions are collectively referred as disaster recovery services. There are still many companies who lack the internal expertise or appropriate budget for implementing a disaster recovery plan as such plans typically cost very high due to their complexity and unreliability. In-fact, gone is the time when in-house recovery solutions were used. Most of the organizations are likely to be interested in cloud-based disaster recovery solutions that offer simple and secure asynchronous replication and failover.

cloud-based disaster recovery solutions

Some of the significant reasons to choose cloud for your disaster recovery needs are mentioned below:

  1. Getting Started is Simple: Deployment and management of a traditional disaster recovery plan is quite complex and requires proper time, staff and budget that some of the enterprise might not have. Cloud-based disaster recovery offers an easy way to get initiated with an effective DR plan without needing to invest in hardware, secondary sites as well as hiring and training of new specialists. Such services provide an easy, safe and automated process for the replication and recovery of applications as well as data in occurrence of any disruptive event.
  2. Cheaper and Flexible Alternative: The price of traditional disaster recovery solutions can pressurize you to make adjustments on what you find affordable for the protection and what you actually need. This will do nothing but leave your organization vulnerable to the downtime issues. Whereas cloud-based disaster recovery basically addresses the changing capacity requirements that may be required for supporting the usual DR use cases such as failover, replication and recovery at a reasonably reduced price structure over the conventional in-house disaster recovery solutions. You have the scalability as well so as to accommodate transforming needs, you will be paying for only what you need and you are also provided with the flexible options for subscription.
  3. Streamlined Environment: Developing a comprehensive plan for disaster recovery can be complex, whether you are trying to do it yourself or going to choose a managed service provider. But a cloud-based DR will help you leveraging the efficient tools that ensure security, reliability and support you can trust.
  4. Management Consistency: The traditional disaster recovery solutions require skilled and trained personnel and their monitoring is a time-consuming manual process as DR provides a single interface and same management with your on-site environment. On the contrary, if you employ cloud-based solutions for the disaster recovery, you can dedicatedly focus on your core economy and work out on the effective methodologies for enhanced productivity. Not only this, you will save resources cost as well.
  5. Self-Service Protection: With efficient cloud-based disaster recovery solutions, you will definitely notice the difference in the level of confidence you have in your backup and recovery solutions due to the caliber of the support services available including the ability to evaluate the recovery procedures. Disaster Recovery gives you the complete control over what you want to protect by enabling self-service protection. Also, you will be able to manage the comprehensive failover and failback workflows for individual virtual machine. You will be able to set custom Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) for each virtual machine so as to gain fine-grained control over replication frequency as per your business application priorities.


The cloud-based disaster recovery solution offers you advantages from different sources such as

a) Lower price points
b) Flexible contract terms, and
c) Scalability to grow as per needs.

It will not be wrong to state that cloud-based disaster recovery solutions is an attractive suite of benefits that allows you to enhance business resiliency keeping applications protected with minimal amount of investment.

All that matters to leverage the pool of advantages is your selection of service provider. As the pedigree of the potential providers is very essential, you should review the options of DR services available. Some key questions that you may ask your service provider are:

  • What their core business solutions include? If it is just the sale of software and hardware or is it the supply of internet and telecommunication services. Here, availability of the systems is categorized as the secondary consideration that can be provided as an “add-on” to other products and services.
  • Ask them about the workforce. How many experts will be there for helping you during that short time period you need to get everything recovered?
  • Whether they are concerned about the corporate risk strategy? It is quite considerable point that they help you by not just selling the servers or communication links, but providing you a cost-savvy and multi subscriber solutions to make your investment a worthy one.

The best choice will be the one that focus on system availability addressing to the uptime of your prominent business systems and should provide the technical expertise, economies to scale and facilities for serving timely recovery services in the emergency conditions.

If you have already done your investment, you should carry some analysis to check the credibility of the same. How? At the occurrence of a disaster, time is of the essence. You should notice:

  • The time you need to wait for getting everything recovered?
  • Once there is a condition of “declared disaster”, what are their primary steps?
  • Whether they can provide examples of disaster declarations and the time they required for dealing those declarations?

Smarter step would be here to go for a service provider who guarantees to get your business processes recovered within a maximum span of 12 hours with the quality checked methodologies and the resources available to ensure rapid restoration of business-critical operations.

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