Let Your Firm Grow With Dual Benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting

Let Your Firm Grow With Dual Benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting Services by Minosha India

Majority of enterprises prefer for private cloud as the first and only choice whenever they are asked about cloud hosting. The private type of cloud hosting provides a hardware and networking environment that is completely dedicated to the enterprise. Whether services are offered through a hosted environment or an internal one, it is certain that the data storage, hardware and network security will be dedicated to only one organization and will not be shared with other companies or users. When you need to handle the most critical corporate data, confidential lists of customers, certified environments, private cloud is only option that fits the requirements.

At the same time, companies are acknowledging the advantages of the private cloud for some of their applications that are not much complicated. There are many small and medium sized businesses that need the quality of an organization’s dedicated cloud in terms of greater availability, redundancy and security within the affordability of the shared cloud services. Such businesses actually need the ability to shift on a non-critical work out of the private environment to the shared one but need to achieve an equivalent level of availability and affordability.

There is variety of public cloud options also available. Some are critical cloud servers that are designed for offering the computing services for less critical applications like web server at quite low cost. And, others are designed for delivering the higher degree of security and availability that companies need for their server environments. The later, they are referred as managed cloud hosting services.

Now, defining the virtual private cloud, it is often referred as a private cloud existing within a shared environment, or public cloud to be precise. The managed cloud can be defined as a VPC that comprises of more than one virtual server in a shared environment that offer the higher level of data protection and network safety just like a dedicated private cloud environment. The managed cloud can reside on same VLAN with the private cloud and managed servers to deliver a fully integrated system.

Furthermore, the VPC offers a superb level of flexibility and expandability beyond the limits of a private cloud without staking the integrity of data or security of network by simply connecting a managed cloud onto a hosted dedicated environment created behind a dedicated firewall.

Having the infrastructure already in place, the implementation of managed clouds can be done much faster than that of a standard one. Servers can be turned up and down rapidly and efficiently in a managed virtual space. The true advantage of deploying a managed cloud is that it helps you to grow speedily with heavy amounts of capital.

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