Linux Dedicated Servers for SMEs

Linux Dedicated Servers for SMEs

The potential of internet to serve as a major tool to boost your business is significantly high. More and more companies, be it small/medium scale or big enterprises, are gradually shifting their focus to the internet and the vast opportunities that it presents to generate more business. Despite the fact that the percentage of population using the internet in India is low, the major percentage of internet users is still from Asia.

So, when your website or application becomes popular the number of visitors to your website would significantly increase. So, you should be aptly prepared for the eventuality wherein your server could crash due to overloading. The current shared server that is being used to host your website may have been sufficient until now, but with the traffic increasing steeply, it may struggle to cope with it. The response times would increase, the server would respond slowly and pages would take time to load.

This means that the time has come when you have to shift from your shared server to a dedicated server. Linux dedicated servers are in high demand these days among server administrators in different companies. The reason for the same is quite simple – increased security and robustness.

Linux, being an open source operating system, is considered to be much more reliable and secured among developer community over the entire world. Most developers, server experts always prefer Linux over traditional Microsoft because of the reliability that it offers.  For organizations who lay significant stress on their data security, having a linux based dedicated server would suit your business needs perfectly.

Besides, Linux being an open source platform as opposed to the costly Microsoft Windows, it is also a very cost effective solution for many who are looking to curtail their IT expenses, especially when it comes to their hosting. You could stand to save over 10,000INR over a year by opting for a linux operating system rather than Windows.

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