Mobile Application Development – An Evolving Trend

Mobile Application Development – An Evolving Trend


Mobile application development is the procedure by which software is developed for portable computing devices as personal digital assistants and mobile phones. Such applications can be per installed on the devices during manufacturing or downloaded by their end users from the application providers’ distribution platforms.

They can also be delivered as upgrades or web based applications using server side or client side processing to provide a look and feel of an application like experience where the base is a browser. Mobile application developers also have to consider a variety of screen sizes and hardware specifications due to stiff competition and up gradation in the mobile industry as each one is trying to provide the end user a better experience.

As an ever evolving part of the development process, the mobile user interface (UI) is also critical in the creation of mobile applications. Mobile UI takes into consideration the limitations and contexts, screen, input and mobility as an outlines for the creation of the design. The end users are always the main focus for their devices, and the interface includes both hardware and software. User input gives the right to the end user to change and manipulate the system, visa VI the system’s output allows the system to indicate the changes of the user manipulation.

Mobile UI creation has some limitations such as the mobile devices screen size for a user’s hand, overall mobile UI design’s goal is primarily for an understandable, consumer friendly interface. The UI of the Mobile apps should consider end user limitations, reduce keystrokes, and should be task oriented with a minimum set of inputs from the user.

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