Optimizing Data Center Performance Through Capacity Planning

Optimizing Data Center Performance Through Capacity Planning


Capacity planning is a very essential part of Data Center management as it predicts the optimal location for rack based IT equipment and physical infrastructure based on the requirement and availability of physical infrastructure and capacity. With the demand for data center services growing rapidly, ideal planning will help in avoiding tricky situations and sudden downtimes, hence improving performance and productivity. A proper capacity planning results in optimizing data center environment be it main frame, virtual or physical cloud. Take care of all the resources starting from storage to database, network and hardware as well.

Optimization of the IT infrastructure or Data Center infrastructure transforms the operation to a different level. Proactive participation in this case leads to a secure and robust future where once foresees the changes that can take place and prepares accordingly. Thus ensuring that no surprises are waiting in the corner when a certain situation arises in the future. Nobody likes it when a sudden downtime or capacity crunch hits their data center. Thus the powerful analytics tool comes in handy in predicting what the future needs can be and also providing plausible solutions for them.

While going for capacities planning certain aspects are to be kept in mind, and they are

  • Rack optimization
  • Cooling
  • Power utilities
  • Software tools in use
  • Budgeting
  • Regulations specific to IT industry

Thus we can say that capacity encompasses all the output factors and key resources that constitute a data center and the means to attain them. With the ever growing need of data center services, the concept of optimizing is also evolving as critical resources are being more in demand and optimizing them an imperative.

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