Minosha India as “Leader” for Copier-based Multi-Functional Printer Category

Minosha India as “Leader” for Copier-based Multi-Functional Printer Category

Minosha indiaMinosha India once again earned a leadership position. IDC ranked us number one in the category of the Copier-based Multi Functional Printer for the period of January-September 2014. Credit for this honorable win goes to our extensive product portfolio, industry-specific solutions and highly skilled professionals. In-fact, IDC MarketScape report highlighted that ours is a distinct combination of third-party and proprietary analysis tools, which allows sophisticated workflow assessment.

The report also states that “For Minosha’s strategy managed print and document services remain the first priority and the company is also crossing the boundaries of MDS for inclusion of the services that approached closer to the enterprise and offer a platform for enhanced process efficiency and reduced cost of operations.

On this, our general manger said “Our leadership position in the IDC report is entirely attributable to our customers, The high marks we received from our customers and partners are a gratifying endorsement of our approach – helping our customers eliminate pain points and thrive in this new world of work.”

Research Vice President from Document Solutions- Holly Muscolino also appreciated Minosha with his statement “At Minosha, projects are managed in a collaborative environment which enables cross-functional skill sets to be assembled based on customer needs. Based on this, and their growing team of industry- and technology- specific workflow specialists, Minosha is well-positioned to help enterprises improve their business processes.”

IDC Recognizes Minosha India as “Leader” for Copier-based Multi-Functional Printer Category

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