Should You Outsource or Set Up Your Own Data Centres?


Should You Outsource or Set Up Your Own Data Centres?

In the present scenario, data centre is one of the most critical facilities for almost every business. It’s a special kind of environment that houses a lot of computer systems, along with the associated components. These components include redundant data communications, backup power, security devices and environmental controls. Ventilating, heating, fire protection and air conditioning systems, too, are undoubtedly critical components for system recovery and maintenance. And this is where a data centre helps organizations run smoothly. After all, if you can’t run the application or website smoothly, it will affect the services or products that you offer to your target customers. Affecting the user experience in an adverse way is probably the last thing that you would like to happen to your business. This is why, in order to avoid chaos like this, you need to opt for a reliable data centre service.


Depending upon the nature of business and the nature of their requirements, business owners need to take decisions. They can either build their own data centre, or they can outsource the responsibilities to an authorized service provider. In order to take the right decision in this regard, you need to consider certain aspects. Below is an informative study regarding this concern, highlighting the key aspects that every business owner should focus on.

Consider the core value activities of your business


Whenever it comes to choose between outsourcing and establishing a data centre, you need to focus on your core competence. Focussing on priorities like increasing the organizational delivery, improving the efficiency of your employees and ensuring an improved customer service by focussing on the core value activities, and determining the key objective of your business helps you take wise business decisions. Activities that are business critical and also come under the core business function category, should receive maximum focus and attention. Make sure the time of your IT team is dedicated to perform activities that will contribute to the strategic advancements of the organization.

Whether you should outsource data centre services or build up one on your own, should be decided very carefully. In fact, before taking the final decision, you need to scrutinize all the available options from a business perspective. You should also evaluate the facility requirements, asset inventories, and most importantly make the budgetary considerations.

Consider the advantages of outsourcing data centre


When it comes to decide whether or not to outsource your data centre, you should keep a note of the many benefits of outsourcing your data centre. By now, most organizations, irrespective of their size, have realized that outsourcing data centres is probably the best possible way to align business and IT, and that too, in the most cost efficient way. No wonder, the business benefits of outsourcing data centres are countless. Right from gaining better economical and higher operational efficiencies to enjoying proactive monitoring and managing the hosted IT infrastructure in an efficient way, there are many benefits of outsourcing data centres. It also helps businesses increase the satisfaction of the end users, without focussing on the core business areas. Here is a brief list of the multiple benefits that one can enjoy by outsourcing data centres; take a quick look –

  • You can adhere to the constantly changing business requirements with the help of state of the art infrastructure.
  • By outsourcing data centres to a third party agency who has specialized in this services, you will surely be able to cut the operational costs to a great extent.
  • One of the major advantages of opting for an outsourced data centre service is that it helps businesses act in compliance with the corporate governance.
  • By outsourcing data centre services, business owners can also save a huge amount of physical space that is required to establish a data centre. The saved space can be utilized for other business functions as well.
  • When you hand over a major responsibility like data centre to a third party company, you will be able to save a great amount of time. This, in turn, will enable you to improve the overall business productivity.
  • Scalability is undoubtedly one of the key ingredients of business success and this is what you get to enjoy while handing over data centre responsibilities to a specialized service provider. The scalable IT operations allow you to meet the constantly growing business requirements with ease.
  • One of the most notable advantages of outsourcing your data centres is that you can share the risks with the service provider. It’s customary for any reliable service provider to sign a Service Level Agreement or a SLA, mentioning all the services that they are supposed to provide to you. In case, they fail to act according to the promise, they are bound to compensate the loss in a way or the other. This way, you can share the risks with the service provider, and in case of any mishap, you won’t have to take the burden, solely.
  • Studies show that the main reasons why most business owners decide to opt for a third party data centre provider is that they get to access skilled expertise. Quite obviously, a specialized data centre service provide is home to a number of skilled and experienced professionals. If you hand over the responsibility to them, all the challenges and business issues will be taken care of by professionals who are expert in the field.

These are some of the key reasons why SMBs as well as large scale enterprise owners prefer to outsource their data centres. High reliability, better energy efficiency and easy accessibility are also some of the key reasons why businesses prefer to hand over the responsibilities. While it’s obvious that this helps them manage the functional and maintenance costs better, it also allows them to leverage the true potential of the IT infrastructure.

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