Some Necessary Steps for Effective Disaster Recovery

Some Necessary Steps for Effective Disaster Recovery


disaster recovery Minosha data center indiaCommon disaster scenario reflects a dark computer room where all the servers went down. Whenever a major disaster occurs, there is a need for evaluation on the steps you are going to take. What task you need to accomplish first? What exactly are your priorities? Which order of server recovery you need to follow? According to the business experts, everything appears to be a business priority. Quickly step forward and lock the doors as a rush of self declared experts is about to come fixing payments into the computer room and start screaming about their orders.

What you will do? Are you going to listen the person with the loudest scream and going for his server backup? If not, what will be the most significant requirement for you? The computer may or may not be redeemable in a short span of time. It can also be the case that they are not available for long time either. All you need to do in such case is take a deep breath and tell yourself this is what you have been documenting and practicing for the recent years. But, does your current disaster recovery plan covers up the prioritization of server recovery in a disaster?

Managing Most Critical Servers for Business Continuity

There is ample of work needs to be done for managing the on-going requirements for mission-critical servers. When your server suffers downtime, for any reason, your customers experience data unavailability and this basically means that business between you and your customers simply stops. When business gets still, managing critical servers gets very expensive in hurry. This is why it is imperative to review the critical server requirements twice a year ensuring that the identified servers are still running parallel with business priorities and goals.

Below mentioned are some elements that need to be reviewed over a regular interval of time for supporting the requirements of critical server:

  • Impact and risk analysis
  • Strategies for the recovery of server
  • Setting-up prioritization as per business cycles
  • Dependencies and inter-dependencies of application
  • Downtime considerations for handling outrages
  • Offsite storage for sensitive records
  • Backup Methodologies
  • Data retention
  • Alternate recovery site etc


Classifying Systems for Prioritizing Disaster Recovery

When you step into computer room, it is quite likely that you get overwhelmed with numerous rows of servers. Several hardware platforms are powered and ready to serve business specific purpose. Typically you will find that servers span many hardware generations.  What’s required here is an organized roadmap and planned recovery of entire critical server infrastructure. You need to finish up all the analysis in advance of any occurrence. Don’t wait for an alarming call to make decision on your server recovery strategies. It is quite obvious that all the servers in your computer room are not of equal importance. Hence, classify them as per the data stored on them and implement the prioritization technique accordingly.

Above mentioned are primary concerns to be looked upon. After these two, you also need to determine the hardware needs for your disaster recovery plan.

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