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Types of Cloud Computing Service Models

Cloud computing has been the buzzword for almost a decade now. But what is cloud computing? At its most basic, cloud computing is similar to renting or outsourcing computing resources like servers, drives, networking gear, etc. Instead of owning computing hardware and software, companies can outsource the same from a cloud service provider.   As […]


Top 6 Cloud Myths And The Correct Perceptions Behind Those

By now, cloud is popular among SMBs as well as large scale enterprises. The adoption rate of cloud computing among business owners has increased remarkably, over the past decade. Businesses of every type are impacted by the wide range of benefits of cloud computing to a great extent. Well, there are significant reasons behind a […]


Trends You Need To Know About Enterprise Cloud Computing

Cloud computing revolutionize IT and business by making it available as a utility over the internet. Cloud computing is a major technology trending that has flood the market over the last two years. It sets the new approach to IT that facilitates businesses to deliver IT services with reduced emphasis on the constriction of traditional […]


How to Secure Cloud Server Deployment?

With the world gradually moving towards a cloud server deployment, more and more questions would be asked about the security that it offers. How secure is the cloud? The economical and other associated benefits that comes with cloud computing has been already proven and is there to be seen for everyone. But there needs an […]


How Personal Clouds are changing Workplace IT?

Personal Clouds are still a fairly new concept which remains unexplored to a large extent. There are multiple types of cloud computing: public, private and hybrid. In a public setup, the applications or programs are hosted on a wide pool of physical resources thereby lending flexibility and scalability to your infrastructure. In a public cloud, […]


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