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Things You Ought To Know About Big Data

What is Big Data? Big data is a popular term describing a large amount of structured or unstructured data that can possibly be mined for information.  Although the term, big data doesn’t refers to any specific amount of data but is often used to describe an exponential growth (about petabytes and exabytes) of data. The […]


Minosha India as “Leader” for Copier-based Multi-Functional Printer Category

Minosha India once again earned a leadership position. IDC ranked us number one in the category of the Copier-based Multi Functional Printer for the period of January-September 2014. Credit for this honorable win goes to our extensive product portfolio, industry-specific solutions and highly skilled professionals. In-fact, IDC MarketScape report highlighted that ours is a distinct […]


Everything You Should Know About a Record Management Solution

Firstly, let’s just understand the term record management system clearly with its benefits: Modern world of business is more about technological innovations. All the businessmen seek for an efficient management system in their office that can help reducing risk as well as cost. Well, this is just the bottom line. For implementing such systems and […]