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What Are Some Of The Risks Of Cloud Computing And How To Deal With Those?

If you have a business that belongs to the IT industry, you would surely like to take it to the next level. And when it comes to revolutionizing an IT infrastructure, cloud computing is probably the most beneficial technology to opt for. Like any other technology, there are some concerns with cloud computing that entrepreneurs […]


Cloud DR Options Maintains Your Business Longevity

Is your organization prepared well to face any kind of data loss that might take place at any unfortunate instant of time? Not yet? This is the time you should think about moving in right direction with full-proof disaster recovery plans and measures. Let’s just understand what does the term DR actually means. Disaster recovery […]


How Cloud Services are Attained with Data Center Infrastructure?

Increased cloud computing adoption is continuously determined by a variety of factors. Many of these drivers are specifically correlated with the need to balance contracting IT budgets with the increasing demand for business-critical IT services. From a business point of view, the ability to scale infrastructure assets to backing rapid development without trading off business […]


Boost Your Business With Minosha’s High End Cloud Services

Ask any CIO, what according to him is the most impressive technology in today’s day and age, and in all probability he will give you a wry smile and simply say, ‘Cloud’. Yes, cloud is still an enigma today to those who are yet not versed with it’s true power and capabilities. But, those who […]


Economy, Complex Infrastructures Drive Cloud Growth

Data Centersare the physical foundation underneath cloud computing and indeed it is a crucial component of IT Industry. As cloud centric data center grows in exponentially, the market for storage and server, networking components is increased by cloud service providers and they have historically favored extremely commoditized and componentized style. The incumbent of IT hardware […]


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