Tally Server Silver and Gold

Tally Server Silver and Gold


Tally Silver and Tally gold are two versions of Tally ERP server 9, so Silver is for single user and Gold is for unlimited users on LAN

Both Silver and Gold not much different with each other, all capabilities and features are available in both editions. The only difference is the number of system from which Tally 9 can be accessed whether it is for single users or multiple users.  “User’s” that means number of computer or node. In Tally Silver users can activated on single computer only and accessed from the same computer & Tally Gold can be install in one computer and accessed from any computer on that network

In Silver edition, where you need single computer with Tally 9 is sufficient for your operations, this edition included all the feature and capabilities Like Tally.NET and services like Remote Access, at the same time you can manage several business entities and personal account books as you need.

In this edition, one (Users) can creates many account as per their requirement and provide each with profound level of security.  Important feature of this edition is that you can authorized your Chartered Account to access your account, also this edition provide remote audit, advisory services and compliance, through tally your partner can  answer your queries and provide support via remote access.

As a user of this edition, you have to create an account (Tally.NET Identity), which you can access  the only restriction of this edition is that users will all need to access Tally 9 from computer on which it is activated (Install). And Tally ERP is concurrent multi-language accounting and inventory management software with unlimited multi user feature, this edition designed to simplify   you tax returns like VAT, TDS, FBT and so on.

In ERP 9 Gold edition integrated version of multilingual platform and object oriented Database Engine capabilities which empower business firms.

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