Things You Need to Know When Purchasing a Dedicated Server

Things You Need to Know When Purchasing a Dedicated Server


At the time of purchasing any physical or dedicated server, there’s several parameters should in user’s mind regarding dedicated server and of the host providing services. The important features of physical or dedicated server like Hardware, OS, Bandwidth, Data center, Monitoring and Support, Scale Options, Security and in last Additional Services and add-ons and pricing, we will discuss accordingly.

Any hardware can be characterized by its specifications and brand, usually branded machine peripherals more reliable and have a long life cycle comparatively any other non-branded peripheral and as far as performance as concern server program such as MySQL or Apache, both strongly rely on processor clock speed and memory and if any video, audio and website require high operating speeds.

In the context of storage hardware, mainly two types in use are SATA and SAS and SAS provide high I/O virtualization capacity and SATA offers high cost effective storage. Apps are more intensive in SAS drives.

Currently several different operating system being used for hosting purpose but two mostly used OS that is windows and Linux. Linux OS is used for mainly Open Source stack that is MySQL (Lamp)/Apache/php or Ruby and MS Windows is ideally of ASP .NET, MS SQL server and the used for MS IIS.

Bandwidth or data transfer, it is also define the connection between server and its clients, physical or dedicated server commonly used where critical operations, heavy applications & websites require huge amount of bandwidth to perform operations. Server host should be high powered networks through multi conjunction of bandwidth in respect to achieve greater levels of redundancy and stable 99%-100% uptime.

In reference of data center a regulatory methodology is used to define datacenters if any data center comply standardize rules and regulation, ranking them in tiers which could be tier 1,2,3,4. Tier 3 and 4 data center have best redundancy levels and uptime. Monitoring  and Support  also play significant role, in this service you are subscribing services like monitoring and support for your server, this facility includes many services like patch generation, OS Hardening , network relayed latency issues, or any BCP issues and any issue arise or related to downtime you ask to data center service provider.

Security is big concern, physical server have high secured and only controlled by customer. By installing software specific application but it should be regularly updated and able to rectify the updated level of intrusive elements (IDS and IPS). In conclusion, the cost of physical server could be higher and lower on the basis of quality and specifications.

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