Top 4 Tools To Ask For While Investing In A Cloud Solution

Top 4 Tools To Ask For While Investing In A Cloud Solution

In the present era, it’s not a big deal for enterprises to opt for cloud computing solutions. In fact, this is quite obvious since there are countless benefits of storing data in the cloud. However, when business owners decide to move certain IT functions to the cloud server or a managed environment, monitoring the infrastructure is something that they should focus on immediately. This is important to check whether or not the service provider will be available to monitor the performance of the physical infrastructure. While it’s obvious that the business owners who want to store data in the cloud, won’t have a very clear idea about the intricate technical details of a server infrastructure, having a basic knowledge will help them check the efficiency of a service provider.

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When you invest your hard earned money for a particular product or a service, it’s quite obvious that you would like to get the best value for your money. One of the most effective ways to do the same is to check the tools that a service provider should offer. Here is a list of 5 tools any and every cloud provider must offer –

  1. ITSM toolset – This toolset is basically an ERP system for IT. This acts as a central repository where all the information can be stored in a systematic way. The customers can check the historical trending analysis, tracking information and capacity planning through this portal. This tool serves to be a platform which both the customers and providers can access and monitor how each device is performing.
  2. 24X7 monitoring tool – In the present scenario, the systems keep on running 24X7 and this is why it’s essential to have tools that help monitor the IT infrastructure thoroughly. You should ask for a tool from the service provider that is equipped with software agents which help gather SNMP data. Usually, these are also integrated with the ITSM toolset, ensuring optimized functions. Generally, cloud service providers use this tool in order to monitor the environment of the client.
  3. Synthetic transaction monitoring – While providing a service, it’s important to keep a track of how long it takes to complete, submit and return an application request. Synthetic transaction monitoring or end user response measurement is a systematic way to ensure maximum possible user satisfaction. This is a very effective tool to figure out the exact problems as well as evaluate the performance of the different applications, in the cloud.
  4. User activity monitoring – In case you are going to store vital data in a shared server, it’s of crucial importance to keep a track of what changes are being made, by whom and exactly when. This is why you should check whether or not the service provider employs a capturing tool that helps capture the screen. This kind of a tool logs and tracks all the different activities that are going on as well as the changes that have been made to the systems.

These are four of the most important tools that everyone should ask for while investing in a cloud solution.

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