Understanding of ERP Hosting on cloud

Understanding of ERP Hosting on cloud

ERP hosting on cloud

If your business is considering a move to the cloud, here are four benefits of ERP cloud hosting:

1. Lower Upfront Investment Costs

As opposed to traditional on premise ERP solutions, cloud based ERP solutions do not come that expensive. On site solution requires a high investment on hardware, software licensing etc which is not the case with hosted model.

2. Faster ROI on IT Spend

Cloud based ERP (Hosted ERP) solutions are much easier to integrate and implement as there are no hassles pertaining to procurement of compatible hardware viz. server, storage, firewall etc which are existent in the on premise model. The lower TAT for implementation of cloud based ERP also amounts to reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

3. Automatic Software Upgrades

With on premise models, the software upgrades are not automatic as it involves a lot of hassles which forces the entire management to consider the importance of going through with it. But it can also mean, that your competitors have a chance of getting a step ahead of you if they go ahead with upgrading their software and availing the latest advancements.

4. Reduce Your Dependence on Internal IT Resources

You need not any more be dependent on your internal IT resources as the software is managed by your hosting service provider. This is turn allows your internal IT team to concentrate on more important issues rather than spending away their time managing the software.

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