VPS Hosting in India has Evolved over the Years

VPS Hosting in India has Evolved over the Years

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is the technology with the help of which you can virtually create multiple logical servers out of a single physical server. There are plenty of tools which are available and are used by data centersto create virtual servers for their clients, namely, vmWare, Citrix etc. These virtual servers are almost like dedicated resources and they are not required to share their resources with other virtual servers created out of the same physical one. You can customize these virtual servers entirely depending on your requirements; each and every virtual server can have a separate operating system with custom configuration.

How does VPS help in hosting?

VPS hosting in India has skyrocketed over the last few years due to the various advantages that it brings with itself. Earlier, most organizations would go with their on-premise data center solutions so to host their websites and internal applications. But gradually, with the emergence of data center service providers, they have started to shift their applications to their servers after initial reluctance. The myth about their data being insecure in other data centers got busted and gradually more and more SME’s started getting their internal data centres shut down and outsourcing their IT infrastructure to service providers.

How it helped them?

There are plenty of VPS hosting players in India at the present moment who provide good services at competitive prices. VPS is like a midway between shared server and a dedicated server; it is more secured and robust than the former while much cheaper alternative to the dedicated server. So, basically you can stand to get the performance of a dedicated server at prices which won’t burn a deep hole in your pockets.

Besides, a virtual private server provides you with the option of flexibility and scalability. These options are invaluable if you are a SME or that your hosting requirements keep changing almost six months. With a VPS, you have made little investment and can shift to a different service provider in the event of inconvenience. That’s flexibility. What if your server fails to withhold the activity that it has been experiencing? Scale up the configuration any time. That’s scalability.

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