What Are The Questions That You Should Ask Yourself While Planning Virtualization?

What Are The Questions That You Should Ask Yourself While Planning Virtualization?

VirtualizationWithin the IT industry virtualization is one of the most common aspects. No matter whether you own a large scale business or a small start-up, you must be familiar with the concept of virtualization. This is considered to be one of the most remarkable aspects of the IT industry as this helps break the physical environment as well as the virtual world. It’s needless to mention that all the businesses want to offer top notch services to all their target customers. However, it’s not really possible to run your business smoothly without a secure environment.

With the help of a strong virtualization process, a business owner can run multiple applications on a single server. This enables them to run the high end applications, simultaneously. Using a strong technique of virtualization, business owners can integrate the systems, the servers and the workstations. This not only helps them reduce the operational costs to a great extent, but also improve the efficiency of the solutions that they offer.

While virtualization has countless benefits for every business, it’s important to invest in the right solution and set the right strategies. Here are some simple questions that you should ask yourself while planning virtualization –

1. Does the virtual environment support all your applications?

Although it might sound absurd initially, there are many applications that don’t run on virtual servers. For instance, there are some applications that are supported only on some specific virtualization platforms. On the other hand, there are some versions of the Exchange Server which are supported only on physical servers. Before you try to virtualize the servers, make sure all the applications are supported in a virtual environment.

2. Does the virtualization plan include even a single failure?

Most businesses tend to virtualize all their servers on the very first go. As a result of this, they have to face a lot of problems afterwards. Make sure you don’t place all the virtualized domain controllers on a single host server as this is a very risky initiative. This is because if that host fails due to some reason, all the domain controllers would fail to perform. This is why be sure to plan the virtual server deployment in a way so that the failure of a single host server doesn’t affect your business to a great extent.

3. How exactly does the domain controller placement work?

While virtualizing the servers is undoubtedly beneficial for your business, you should also consider whether or not you should virtualize all the domain controllers at once. If you decide to virtualize all the domains together, you should further consider that if the host servers will be members of the domain. You should check these factors well in advance as this will help you make better utilization of the servers as well as the virtualization technology.

These are some of the most relevant questions that you should ask yourself while planning virtualization. Apart from doing this, also be sure to choose a virtualization platform that will be most  convenient for your business.

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