What are the reasons behind VM hyper jumping? How to prevent it?

What are the reasons behind VM hyper jumping? How to prevent it?

Virtual Machine Hyper Jumping AttackWhat is hyper jumping?

Virtual machine hyper jumping is the latest type of attack on VM machine that exploits the hypervisor’s weakness and allows a virtual machine (VM) to be accessed by malicious user. This make possible for malicious user or remote attacker to gain access to  the hypervisor, host computer and other VMs in the infrastructure, and similar way being able to jump from one VM and one host to another. This is called hyper jumping or virtual machine guest hopping and hence it makes the whole VM infrastructure weak against this type of attack.

How Can Hyper Jumping Happen?

There are several reasons that can leave virtual environment to exploit with such type of vulnerability called hyper jumping. One of common issue is less secure Operating system.
Prevision version of windows particularly the XP operating system that no longer receives the support or security updates from Microsoft, and in windows 7 version that lacks in modern security features and defense against poisoned cookies.

In virtual environment in case if all traffic passes through the same set of network interface cards (NIC) then an attacker may overload the switch and then switch in order to preserve its performance start pushes all data out on its ports.

How to Protect Infrastructure from Hyper Jumping?

  • Grouping uplinks and separating them is one of the easiest ways to prevent the virtual environment from this vulnerability. Such that separate the database traffic from web facing traffic and prevents the database server to connect directly from internal network.
  • You can Use VLANs, which hides the virtual machines from each other and allow the guest to connect only to the gateway.
  • Follow basic and common security precautions such as built-in firewall in the virtual environment,
  • Running machine with the latest operating system and get critical OS updates and security patches.


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