What Are The Reasons To Opt For Daas?

What Are The Reasons To Opt For Daas?

Over the past decade, the IT industry has observed a lot of changes in the trend as well as revolution in user behaviour. Hosting virtual desktops in the cloud is one of the most popular practices amongst most businesses, irrespective of their sizes. No matter whether you run a small scale business, or a large scale enterprise, you must be quite familiar with the concept of DaaS or Desktop as a Service. However, if you are not quite aware of this comparatively new phenomenon, you may consider taking a look at the information, provided below.


What is DaaS?

DaaS basically refers to the process of deploying and managing virtual desktops in the cloud. In the present scenario, business owners are assured of one fact that in order to provide their customers with uninterrupted services, they need to arrange a secure environment. By opting for cloud based virtual desktops, an enterprise can enable any of its employees to work on any device. In order to do this, they don’t have to bear huge upfront costs. They also don’t have to face the complexity that is usually associated with the conventional desktop infrastructure. This also allows them to create a centralized system that helps them properly control the management requirements and security systems.

How opting for DaaS helps your business?

Opting for DaaS eliminates the need to appoint a professional who has a thorough knowledge of the technical details of a desktop or the nuances of image management and desktop storage optimization. You also don’t have to convince the security department that it’s a good idea to poke a hole in the data centre so that users can connect their desktops from unmanaged clients.

What are the key benefits?

If you are wondering about the key benefits of opting for DaaS, here are some of those –

  • Access the applications whenever and from wherever you need to – With the ongoing advancement of technology, mobile computing is no longer a luxury. In today’s 24X7 environment, it has become a necessity for most people, associated with the corporate world. All your employees need to access the corporate resources and data quickly and securely. By opting for DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service), you can completely change the dynamic between the employees and the conventional PCs that they use. You can enable them from whichever location they want to. This helps you increase the mobility in the work culture. Since they get secure desktop access from any device like notebook, laptop or mobile, they can also work on a project whenever they feel like. This helps you increase the productivity.
  • Upgrade the system – If you want to take your business to the next level, you need to upgrade the entire system and provide your employees with state of the art infrastructure. By opting for DaaS, you can enable your employees to work in an advanced setup. Moreover, it also helps reduce the support costs, extend the lifecycle of hardware, increase the reliability and redundancy of your workforce.

These are some of the major advantages of opting for DaaS.

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