What is virtual desktop? How it is beneficial for an organization?

What is virtual desktop? How it is beneficial for an organization?

Desktop as a Service IndiaBefore the advent of virtual desktop interface technology, users or employees had to be tied down to a single desktop to get their work done. Most of the files, documents that they needed to access were in their personal system and there was no way they could have them from outside their office.

So what if they were at a client location and needed to have access to a specific file or document. It was not possible because there was no they could access their PC remotely from outside their office. However, with VDI technology now they can retrieve any file they need from anywhere they want. All you need is a laptop, smartphone, and tablet along with an internet connection.

Basically, virtual desktop interface is a server which is hosting all the applications or programs that you would otherwise install in your PC. So all you need to do when you need to retrieve one of those files is, log into the server remotely by using the login credentials.

Another very important aspect of virtual desktop is it allows organizations to protect their intellectual rights. Employees do not have any information on their PC’s and they can only access the server from outside if they are allowed to over the internet. This makes it a highly popular model among SME’s looking to put high value for their data.

And the benefits of such a cloud based virtual desktop are manifold. And that is the reason why most SME’s are seriously contemplating and going ahead with the same. Firstly, there are no capital expenditures involved in implementing a solution of VDI in your organization. It is usually on a pay per month basis. Further, you are outsourcing the manageability of uptime to the cloud service provider and don’t have to worry about availability of your data anymore. And most importantly, its secure and there is absolutely no fear of data theft or it being compromised.

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