What No one Tells You About Managed Hosting Services?

What No one Tells You About Managed Hosting Services?

managed hosting services

The advent of data center service providers have seen most companies opting for them ahead of keeping their servers in house. The reasons are manifold. One of the primary reasons is because it involves no capital expenditure, the hosting service providers offer their services on a pay as you go model. Unlike in-house hosting setup wherein you need to buy servers, renew their AMC contracts, pay for the electricity and cooling, install multiple lease lines etc., you only need to pay a fixed monthly rental to your hosting provider against the services that you are availing from them.

Besides, the managed hosting service providers have the expertise to handle complex setups and hence you are no longer left to worry about backup and uptimes of your applications, websites etc. The hosting providers often have state of the art facilities with high redundancies to ensure that their customers experience uninterrupted services.

However, why should an organization opt for managed hosting as opposed to unmanaged? What is it that you stand to gain from subscribing for it?

Hosting providers have a technical team with high skill and expertise in managing servers and networks. They are often having SQL and Oracle administrators in their tea along with Network engineers with expert knowhow about almost every firewall and network device that there is. And then of course come the VM experts who have in depth knowledge of VMWare and other virtualization platforms giving them strong understanding of the environment on which the applications and websites are hosted.

Most organizations on the other hand, even if they do have an IT team of their own, often do not have such a diversely skilled IT team. Hence, they are put in a tight spot everytime there is a problem which is beyond the skill set of their existent IT squad.

With managed services, the hosting provider will completely take care of your server, operating system, database, patch updates, antivirus, monitor your ports and bandwidth, monitor your resources and pre-empt any unforeseen incident that can happen to your server.

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