What Your Business Gains From E-mail Hosting Services?

What Your Business Gains From E-mail Hosting Services?


E-mail hosting is something that is considered as one of the most valuable resources now-a-days and there are many companies offering your business with an e-mail address and services that keeps you stress free from all sort of worries that are concerned with the equipment and outlays required for the hosting. E-mail hosting is the most critical point of communication with any client or consumer and is a prominent part of the internet that has transformed the arena of business truly nation less and restriction free from the geographical borders.

E-mail hosting services need to be planned in such a way that users will be provided with an ease of access so as to create remarkable e-commerce website. Sometimes you will even get some extra features required for a higher level of customer satisfaction. The best part about the plan is that there are no restrictions on the number of e-mail accounts you create. It is all about running e-mail servers where users can conveniently send and receive e-mails in a business organization, which includes handling the software applications together with the spam blockers and firewalls.

What actually are the responsibilities of e-mail hosting service providers?

For smoothly running the entire process of handling corporate e-mails, it is very imperative to make a selection of reliable e-mail hosting provider. A variety of e-mail plans should be researched thoroughly so that you can boost your company’s web presence and at the same time attain all your e-mailing needs. Let’s have a discussion how selection of service provider affects the overall functionality of your e-mail infrastructure.

  1. Secured IMAP and POP access: Most of the large organizations are progressively focusing towards the e-mail hosting solutions as that allows them to offer a safer access to the desktops via IMAP and POP. All confidential information including names and passwords are encrypted and transferred from the client to the server for validation purpose. Avant-garde hosting providers usually support mail clients such as Eudora, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Zimbra and Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. Abundant Storage Space: E-mail hosting service providers consent for a robust quantity of storage space for each mail box, which is created. It can be of any size ranging from MB to GB per mailbox, which is sufficient enough for storing tens of thousands of messages and you can easily expand your storage limits with the changing requirements.
  3. Secured Access to Webmail: The mail servers offered by the email hosting providers generally follow industrial standard encryption of 128 bit that remains dynamic throughout the webmail session. This candidly implies that the data transferred is encrypted from the very moment you begin till the time you sign-out.
  4. Spam and Virus Blockers: E-mail hosting service providers restrict the harmful mails with the use of spam blockers and anti-virus scanners even before entrance point of network. Various filters can be used to deal with spam and anti-virus scanners are generally incorporated into the gateways of SMTP.
  5. Address Book: It allows users to store contact data in a convenient way for easy utilization and retrieval. Both shared and private address book together with permission to network directory services that are provided by email hosts.


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