Why Data Centre Commissioning Is Important And How It Can Benefit Your Business?

Why Data Centre Commissioning Is Important And How It Can Benefit Your Business?

As a discipline, commissioning is quite an old process and it has existed across different industries since the past few decades. As far as data centres are concerned, most of the owners don’t have a very clear idea about the value and purpose of the important quality assurance program. Usually commissioning is used to ensure that the processes of a new data centre and the systems or the expansion meet the requirements of the owner. This is why the owner is considered to be the best person to oversee the entire commissioning process. However, the owner of the data centre must have the knowledge to check the benefits of commissioning. Here is a brief list of how commissioning can benefit businesses of different sizes –

  • Less repairs and unplanned downtime – Preventing or at least reducing the possibilities of unplanned downtime is the ultimate objective of each and every business owner. As this can prove to be devastating for a business, this is probably the greatest benefit of data centre commissioning. The commissioning activities ensure that the mission critical equipment is perfectly installed and all the systems are properly integrated. The process also checks if there are any single points of failure or redundancy.
  • Fewer delays and change orders – Under the process of commissioning, the projects experience fewer reworks, delays and change orders. This helps avoid the cost of the liquidated damages, extended equipment rentals, late occupancy and other costs that are associated with delays.
  • Decreased life cycle costs – If done properly, the commissioning systems help improve the overall system performance throughout the entire life cycle of a data centre. Better performance of the system not only helps optimize the performance of the data centres, but it also helps decrease the maintenance and operation costs. It also helps cut down on the energy consumption for the smaller utility bills.
  • Cost-effective problem resolution – One of the major advantages of the commissioning system is that it helps identify all the system related problems well in advance. This ensures the owners don’t have to shell out a lot of money for solving all those problems. For instance, the problems, related to the design can be identified during the reviews of the designs, and not at an advanced stage of the project. This ensures it doesn’t become extremely costly or time consuming. The installation issues are also pinpointed before the systems start up.
  • Informed workforce – One of the most significant outcomes of data centre commissioning is that it helps create a robust knowledge base about all the new systems and processes. These can be translated into good quality training materials, O & M resources and training activities. This also ensures that the concerned professionals are well informed to operate as well as maintain the newly commissioned system. This also ensures that both the experienced professionals and the new hires will have enough reference materials for refreshers, future training and troubleshooting.

Data Center Performance & Commissioning

These are some of the most important reasons why data centre commissioning is considered to be beneficial for businesses.

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