Why do you need to have a dedicated server for your business?

Why do you need to have a dedicated server for your business?


If you have just developed a website, and don’t expect a lot of traffic to your website, you might not feel the requirement of a dedicated server. But if you are a medium or large business unit and cater to a large audience, you may find it really tough to manage without a dedicated server for your business. If the website of your business is presently hosted on a shared server and you are experiencing a lot of down time, this might be the right time to upgrade to a dedicated one. This is especially required if your website is extremely resource intensive and attracts a lot of traffic. If you are not quite known to the benefits of having a dedicated server, here are some of those –

  • You can enjoy administrative access – Probably one of the most remarkable benefits of having a dedicated server for your business is that you can get administrative success, which may prove to be quite helpful for your business at some point of times. While sharing a server with other people, you are not given the authoritative access and this may restrict you from making some kind of modifications on the website. If you invest in a dedicated server, you get the root access and this allows to install programs according to your own requirement. If needed, you can also customize the program configurations. The administrative access also allows you to track the usage of the server resources closely. This helps you easily identify the potential issues beforehand and correct those even before these affect your website.
  • You can access added reliability – Although shared hosting services are known to be quite reliable, dedicated ones ensure added reliability. If you have a shared hosting plan, you have to share the server space with a lot of other people. If you purchase a dedicated server, you don’t need to share it with anyone else. This ensures the complete resource of the server is utilized for keeping your site perfectly up and running. You can also control the servers’ resources completely, which will help you increase the uptime.
  • You can enjoy easy and safe storage – While dealing with servers, you must keep in mind that servers should be kept in an environment that is climate controlled and free of moisture. You should also note that you need a considerable amount of physical space to store the server properly. By opting for a dedicated hosting service, you can enjoy all the benefits of having a dedicated server, without worrying about where to keep the server. This is because the hosting company keeps the server at their end, completely secure. They make sure that extreme weather conditions like temperature, condensation or other adverse conditions won’t affect the performance of your server.

These are some of the key reasons why you should opt for a dedicated server. Apart from these, you can also enjoy improved technical support while opting for a dedicated hosting services, since a group of experienced and trained professionals will help you solve all sorts of technical problems easily and quickly.

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