Why Everyday Should Be World Backup Day?

Why Everyday Should Be World Backup Day?

Live Backup Solution - RPASS31st March is the “world backup day”, a reminder for all of us to backup all our important data and files to avoid being April fools. But to be always worry free about your data loss make every day as your world backup day.

Data, the most important component of a computer. Other components and equipment can be upgraded and replaced but data can’t be if lost. And that is the reason, why a strong data backup plan is needed to keep data safe, secure and ready to use.

What is Backup?

Basically in terms of Information Technology, backup refers to copying and archiving all your important data stored in your computer/laptop/mobile devices in form of text documents, audio, video, pictures, emails etc. So it can be restore if any kind of data loss occurs.

Backing up all your data is must and a good habit. Even after loss of your laptop, camera or any mobile device your data can be saved with backup.

You can backed up your data in some other external device or can be in the cloud.

Everyday people, private and government business organizations and even games lose a large extent of data because they fail to back up their valuable data. World backup day reminds you to backup your files and data. But every day should be the backup day to avoid data loss. Backup options are easily available, you can opt for the online backup solutions or can offline.

Many organizations like us, Minosha Data Center are providing online data backup and disaster recovery solutions to prevent you and organization from data loss.

Causes for Data Loss:

There are several ways of data loss for different devices like it may cause of theft of your laptop or device, it may cause of corruption, because of malware infections such as ransomware etc. and because of catastrophic data loss in smartphones because of any human mistake or extensive water damage.

How data can be protected?

Data backup is the only solution to protect your data from various kind of data losses. The most common method used for data backup is through the use of external USB device or network connected hard drive. But it is hard to remember every day to plug-in the device for data backup.

Another method is to keep your data copies into cloud through Internet enabled devices having connection “always-on” for automatically data backup.

Magnetic tapes is also an inexpensive method used for data backup used in business organization to backup their corporate data which is capable to hold hundreds even thousands of gigabytes. But they need an extra security to keep such tapes/devices protected from fire, floods etc.

So, the best option is to choose backup solution providers like, Minosha Data Center to keep your valuable data assets safe and always available for you whenever you need it.

Cloud Backup Solution - 31st March World Backup Day

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